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So a while back Noah and I uhhh took advantage of Shanna being the life of the party and we snuck off to the bathroom for a few minutes. No one could hear us, we didn’t leave a mess, and no one needed the bathroom in the time we monopolized it. The house owner saw us leave the bathroom together and was rather upset. Fair enough. Noah and I have talked about it a fair bit and given our personal value systems we don’t really have any issue with the idea of someone doing the same thing at our house and we are curious how widespread in our overall social group our opinion is. Thus, a poll:
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Upcoming off-line time.

So I am getting ready to be go traveling. I looked at the calendar and realized that I will be traveling/in Arizona from April 27 – May 5. Then I am home May 6 – May 1012. Then I take off for the wedding on May 1113 and I will not be back until very late on May 16. Woof. That’s a lot of traveling for me in my pregnant, exhausted state. But! I will get through it with hopefully minimal whining. Of the days I am home in between travels I am already very booked on two of the five seven days. Eeek.

I am communicating this as if people care because at this point I don’t really have a functioning laptop. My laptop screen is completely dead and other things on the laptop are dying quickly. This is very sad because I liked my laptop. Jenny gave back the G4 (yay Jenny!) but the battery spent five minutes in my company and decided to completely and totally die. Given that one of Shanna’s favorite games is, “Let’s pull out the power cable!” it’s not very useful for me to have a laptop that completely and totally dies the instant it is not plugged in. (There is a new battery in the mail but it won’t get here before the Arizona trip and the wedding trip is off-grid anyway.) So uhhhh… yeah. I won’t be checking the internet much at all in the next three or so weeks.

If there is something very important you want me know, please sent me email. If you write a nifty blog entry and you think, “This is the sort of thing Krissy usually comments on” please sent me an email telling me specifically to go read it. If you think of me and go, “Hey! I’m not getting my usual stream of Krissy babble and I miss it!” please give me a call. 😀 I am 150% certain that the call/mention of thinking of me will make my day. If you don’t currently have my phone number I’m certain you know someone who does and I hereby give folks permission to hand out my number to folks who want to call me in the next few weeks. 🙂

P.S. I need a traveling icon that is a picture of the minivan. The whole back of it is made into a nest and I’m quite thrilled that I bought this van. It makes traveling soooooooooo much more comfy. I think that in another few years when both kidlets are old enough to handle traveling more I will probably start scraping together my pennies for a small RV sort of thing because I would get SO much use out of it. 🙂


My sister seems to have given out my phone number … again. I got them to stop calling for a long time and now the creditors are calling like crazy again. I’m really angry. Given that I had already reached the conclusion that having anything to do with her is unhealthy I feel like this is just an extra slap in the face to remind me of why I don’t want to have her in my life. She is not capable of having her bad decisions affect only her. I realize that people end up having bill collectors calling for all kinds of good reasons and that not everyone in debt is a shitty person. My sister hasn’t felt like working in over a year so she hasn’t. She truly is getting harassed because she makes shit-tastic decisions and I’m fucking sick of them becoming my problem.


Once again Shanna and I are heading off on an adventure! Thanks to a larger-than-expected tax return we can afford to go see my Sarah in Arizona again. This is very exciting because it means I can help Sarah unpack! I can be social *and* useful! That totally hits all my buttons of awesomeness. 😀 I looked into Amtrak instead of driving. The shortest trip would take 21 hours and Sarah would have to pick us up at 5am. That’s not a good way to make friends. 🙂 Definitely driving then.

I’ve gotten to see quite a few good friends recently. My life is pretty blessed.

Tired but happy

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching Mollena win the International Ms. Leather contest. She was beautiful, poised, eloquent, and thought-provoking. I am biased, of course, but I really believe she was head and shoulders above the other contestants. (Although the cell phone fantasy was awesome.) I was really glad I kept my sorry, tired ass there long enough to see her win. I’m so proud of all the work she did. 🙂

Half-baked ideas on social interactions

I would love a conversation about this and for people to post their own experiences/conflicting opinions. 🙂

I was reading a thread on MDC about whether it is ‘rude’ to correct misinformation in a social setting. Specifically a chick was talking about how there is another mother in her mommy group who routinely spouts ‘facts’ about dealing with babies that are often not-great to flat out dangerous. So far no one in the group is willing to contradict her publicly. The course of the thread involves many many women saying, “Well if it is truly dangerous I might try to very tactfully redirect, but I never contradict people because it will make the others in the group uncomfortable.”

That. That right there is why I (and I project onto most of my closer female friends) do not get along with groups of women. If you are presenting something as a fact then it is either true or not true and pointing out the truth should not be rude. I think this avoidance of conflict is basically unhealthy. I know that this is the ‘just get along’ community minded stuff that women are known for, but I don’t see it as positive. I see this conformity-or-else mindset as what encourages misogyny amongst women. Most of my female friends are pretty quick to say that they don’t like women. When I point out that they are saying that to a woman they say, “Well not you.” I think this is what is really being objected to. Women who buy into this mindset seem to believe that being smart, being right, being a ‘know it all’ is something to avoid at all costs. Why? Why in the world is this a good thing? Noah made a long argument about how long ago in communal settings when women were getting together to do the work of surviving there had to be more consensus and getting along, but that’s not particularly relevant today. Noah points out that people just don’t evolve that fast, but pshhhh forget that noise.

This made me think a lot harder about Alpha dynamics in social groups and particularly in a mommy-group I tried to join. I regularly challenged the sitting Alpha when I disagreed with her and as a result people didn’t talk to me much. I stopped going because I was sick of having to support the one chick or just shut up. Not my thing. I have a lot of Alpha-type tendencies but I am really ok with other people being Alpha if they know more, if we are at their house, if I’m just not in the mood. So I think I am not a ‘true’ Alpha in the sense that most people use the word. But I am bossy and pushy and opinionated and ok with seeing that things happen. I think that my refusal to accept a set social position (Alpha or otherwise) and my insistence that groups remain dynamic in this sense is a lot of what makes me suck in groups. I just don’t fit in because I cannot and will not accept any set defined position.

It’s interesting. What do you think?

Costuming pieces

The wondrous noirem is abandoning these parts for a minimum of three years and as a result she has decided not to keep a lot of her dress up stuff. I currently have possession of stuff. There are a few Rennaissance pieces I intend to send towards the Pryankster crowd and some Dickens Fair garb as well as more standard dress up gowns. The size range is anywhere between 16 and 20ish if you corset well. The preference would be for these items to stay within friends because, as you all know, these clothes are expensive, time consuming, and a labor of love to create. If you think you might like some of the above, please contact me. (Be advised that a few of them need a small amount of work like sewing on buttons.)

Oh yeah, I’m pregnant

It’s kind of interesting that I’m not talking about this pregnancy that much. I think that a portion of that is that the miscarriages instilled a sense of doom around being too attached to a pregnancy and that’s hard for me to think about. The worst ongoing symptom I have is acid stomach. I have only found one thing that seriously works for it and I can’t use it all the time but I’m glad I have something at all. Otherwise I’m ungainly and slow but doing alright. I’m already starting to have to be very careful how I sit/stand/twist because I’m feeling ‘oh that’s a muscle on the verge of hitting it’s end of range. right’ stuff. It’s festive! If I cook anything elaborate I can’t eat it. I can’t eat things too many times within a week or two period because I seem to have a smell memory that hits my gag reflex if I eat too repetitively. This is inconvenient but not the end of the world. All of a sudden in the last week or two tiny baby moved positions somehow and I can sleep through the night without getting up to pee. I don’t know how that worked out but I am Not Complaining. 🙂

I have less energy than I have when I am not pregnant but I think I hit my version of the mythical energetic second trimester. I get more done in an average day right now than I got done in an average week of Shanna’s pregnancy and I’ve had bursts where I’ve done HUGE projects and that was just never possible with her. I’m enjoying this. 🙂 I’m feeling incredibly stupid. My memory is in the crapper. I have to sit there and chant 5,000 times that I have to do something in a day or I forget. (Like picking Jenny up from the airport today. I am repeating over and over to myself that I have to leave the house at 1:30. I probably should be telling myself when I have to start getting ready or I’ll be late. Oy.) My normal punctuality is even harder than it is just with Shanna. I just move slowly. I have to stop and think about normal habitual actions. It’s not bad it’s just kind of inconvenient some days.

I keep meaning to have Noah take belly pictures. And I keep forgetting. See how this works out? At this point I am starting to outgrow my early maternity clothes (which is why I am doing my best to be quiet about my opinion of other people getting ‘huge’). I was at the grocery store last night and overheard two women talking about how one is due in Mid-June and the other is due in September. The September chick didn’t even look pregnant and the June chick looked how I look at 8 weeks. *sigh* I have gained approximately one pound but my belly is huge. Near as I can tell (angles are hard to judge and all) right now I am about as big as I was at 6 or 7 months last time. I’m 20 weeks so about 4.5 months. I have totally googled if it is possible to miss a twin with a 14 week ultrasound and the belief seems to be that it happens very very occasionally, but not likely. I just get fucking huge. OUTGROWING MATERNITY CLOTHES. Let me just say that again because it irritates me so much. It’s a good thing I’m going to be in the third trimester in the summer because I’m going to have to tie a sarong around my hips and wear a sports bra. Nothing else is going to get around my girth. 😛 It’s a good thing I don’t mind showing off my stretch marks. 😀

Uhhh… I think that’s about it. 🙂

What’s going on in my head lately.

I haven’t been posting much of substance lately. This is largely because my laptop screen is dead and I am trapped in the office and Shanna only gives me short periods of time where she is ok with me being in here. Challenging. I can read in short bursts but I can’t write like that. Thus I have been posting lots of banal one or two sentence things on facebook.

What I am mulling over and trying to figure out how to talk/think about is the next step of processing abuse I am working on. I have spent almost the entirety of my adult life dealing with the large scale sexual assaults in my childhood. That took a lot of work. That was a big deal. What I have never really gotten around to is truly examining and processing all of the small scale abuse and day-in-day-out neglect and awful that I experienced. Thing is, now that I am doing this parenting gig that is seeming much more important. When I talk about not wanting to pass on the cycles of abuse I am not worried about sexually assaulting my kids. I’m just not. That’s just not something that will ever be much of a temptation for me. (I’m kind of repulsed by people who are two years younger than me.) What I need to worry about is how to not tear down her sense of self. I need to worry about how to create a positive atmosphere where Shanna (and TBD) are free to become any person they want to become without my baggage being dragged along behind them. As we are getting deeper into toddler-hood I am noticing more and more of my baggage that way and I need to deal with it now. This can’t wait. Part of the problem is, I don’t really have the time or mental space to work through this stuff. I have to create it. I can’t just float through and ignore this. This is mandatory.

I don’t think I am being a bad mother, but I can see bad habits starting to pop up. I am not ok with Shanna crying unless I can see a direct reason for it (that I approve of). That’s not ok. When Shanna expresses an opinion I don’t like (dude, she’s a toddler) I come down really fast and harder than necessary. I need to stop thinking/talking about how I would like to hit her when she is frustrating. That’s completely unacceptable. I’ve smacked her hand a couple of times out of pure reflex and I don’t like it, but I don’t feel like that is a huge problem long-term. What is a problem is that I talk about wanting to hit her pretty frequently. That’s unacceptable. That is using the threat of physical control and it’s not really much better than a judicious spanking occasionally for serious problems. It’s probably actually worse. It’s trying to instill fear. I have to stop. That’s not ok. I don’t want my daughter fearing me. At this point she doesn’t really understand and it’s very clear that she doesn’t fear me. I want it to stay that way.

Dubious gifts

A lifetime of having an overly sensitive stomach has taught me the signs of vomiting long before I actually puke. It’s different from feeling nauseated which I can do for great lengths of time but there is no way I will actually puke. I generally have half an hour or so of notice that, “No really–it’s serious” so that I can go clean the toilet, pull my hair back, and just generally get settled. It’s a dubious gift but given that I almost always have issues with uhm problems from the other end when I am vomiting I’m awfully glad I get the opportunity to clean the toilet first.

Well, Debbie, you wanted me to post something. 😛

ETA: This is the suckiest part about being a stay at home mom. Unless I happen to get sick on the weekend I don’t really get a day off. 🙁


That sound is of me hitting the wall. I have been sleeping a lot. But the toll of physical exertion this week has seriously worn me out. I’m weepy and insecure. I’m glad I don’t have anything I have to do today or tonight and tomorrow should be mellow too. My lower back still hurts even though I got a really nice massage.

I sorta wish I could head down to Kiva tomorrow but it would require help with kiddo. Freakin kids.