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Well that was an unpleasant experience.

Yesterday I had my worst outing ever as a parent. I tried to take both girls to Dickens Fair. Not a big deal, I take them all kinds of places by myself. It was a total nightmare. Something there bothered Calli. She screamed almost nonstop from when we entered the building. The few times I managed to get her to calm down were followed by crying fits from Shanna. She rode the carousel and the guy who runs it helped her off her animal and she lost it. She started crying hysterically that she didn’t want him to touch her. I can’t tell for sure but I suspect that he was slightly rough when he picked her up. She was really freaking out though so I didn’t question it too much I just comforted her. She was then not ok with walking and wanted to be carried. You see how this is going?

It was awful. We were there for maybe an hour and I spend most of that time ravenously eating or trying to get one (or both) kid(s) to stop crying. So I left pretty quickly. Just not worth it this year.

Just because

32 days till Christmas.
12 days till I get to introduce my beautiful daughter to the awesomeness of Disneyland. The first thing she will experience is the Candlelight Processional which is a special Christmas thing they do and I’ve never seen it.
1 day until I get a new oven! A convection oven! I will get to bake again! Even though my fucking pain in the ass stupid midwife *still* hasn’t filed insurance paperwork and paying for this right now was not in my budget. (Have I mentioned that my kid is three months old and she still can’t be fucking bothered to file the paperwork? If she doesn’t file in the next five weeks we can’t file at all. And I can’t file unless I get billing information from her with codes and everything and it is no more trouble for her to get that together for me than it is to just fucking send it in herself. Oh wait. SHE PAYS SOMEONE TO DO HER BILLING AND SHE STILL HASN’T GIVEN THEM THE INFORMATION. I am so pissed. Noah thinks that taking her to small claims court is rather ungrateful given that she literally saved my life. He has a point. But I’m still really angry that she isn’t doing her job.)

Time is just plugging right along. I should post more just to give rbus something to read. 🙂


It was a good weekend. We didn’t make it up to the clothes swap in Oakland because we had appointments and awesome hang-out time down in San Jose earlier in the day. Miss C is not up for a trip to San Jose and a trip to Oakland in the same day. No way, no how. But we did do good socializing. And today felt productive. House cleaning and lots of making small progress on incremental projects. So I didn’t get much ‘completed’ today, but I got closer to being done with a bunch of different things. Uhm, if that makes sense.

Anyway! I’m thrilled about Noah’s Christmas present. But if I talk about it then it won’t be a surprise. Damnit. Avert your eyes Noah! (It has words involved. A whole bunch of them. And it’s snarky. /spoiler) I am having much fun. 🙂 You’ll like it, rbus.

New and Improved Parenting! Now with Hygiene!!

Ok, so it’s all lame and silly and stuff but I feel kind of absurdly proud that I took a bath today with both girls and all three of us got scrubbed from head to toe. I think I feel as proud as I do because no one ended up crying. Like, “Holy Shit. I’ve arrived. I’m an honest-to-Gawd parent with skillz.”

And then I put Calli in a back carry by myself and did chores. Seriously. This is what I am now proud of. Boy howdy is life different than it used to be. And I like it.


I have managed to acquire a mothers helper! She is starting tomorrow. This is perfect timing because my fridge is brimming with tasty wonderful veggies all ready to be cooked up into fabulous food. I’m so excited I can barely stand it. 😀 I should probably defrost some beef to go with the awesome veggies because I have been craving meat like mad. This is unusual for me, so it’s great that I still have half a cow. 😀


I’ve been reconnecting with a lot of friends from high school. It’s remarkable how time has changed us (and not). The big thing that keeps coming up for me is how very lucky I am. My life is exactly where I want it to be. My life is very good. I have complete confidence that once I get passed this immersive newborn experience that I will get back to the grown up stuff that is part of me as well. I’m happy. Guess I kicked the crap out of that postpartum depression. 🙂 [Or I just had baby blues and I’m paranoid because I’ve spent so much of my life depressed. Either way it seems to be over.]

Instead of feeling fussy and bitter about “Oh god I’m turning 30” I feel like I am heading into the best decade of my life. Life is so good. 🙂


Here a couple so people can stop bugging me! 😀 Oh, and I also don’t particularly want to put them on facebook because then my niece will show them to my mom and sister and I’m currently feeling twitchy about that. Erf.

Ze baby:

Semi recent… like two weeks ago

About a month ago

On my birthday, so when Calli was ~2 weeks old. Shanna is a bit over 2 years. 🙂


Steph asks what people are thankful for. So here’s a partial list:

I’m thankful that I have a home. I’m thankful that if I decide I need something I can pretty much universally go out and get it. I’m thankful that I never again will have to worry about where my next meal is coming from barring some major natural disaster. I’m thankful that my children are happy, healthy, and good sleepers. I’m thankful that my husband is tolerant of my many and varied ‘issues’. I’m thankful that I am making new friends who are in the same place in life and who are pretty open minded about the ways in which we differ. I’m thankful that Noah tolerates me getting rid of huge quantities of stuff with regularity. I’m thankful that not only do I have plentiful food I have food that tastes so good. I’m thankful for my lovely MacBook that works and has no irritating quirks. I’m thankful for my Sarah! She delights in many of the same things I delight in and listens to so much babble. I’m thankful that with each passing year this house feels more and more comfortable for me to be in.

I’m thankful for all the people who remember me with love. And on that note, I have a phone call to make.