Nursing manners

With kid #1 I was willing to nurse however long, wherever, in whatever position, whenever she wants. With kid #2 I say, be polite to my nipples or starve. You do not get to hurt me. 😛 (For the record, once she gets to the stage where she is hurting me she is full. No starving will occur. But much less comfort nursing.)

I guess things do change over time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nursing manners

  1. rbus

    no wonder 2nd children behave as they do.

    *i’m* a 2nd child, you know.

    except my mom didn’t breast-feed.
    which is why
    i’m even more twisted
    than the “normal” 2nd kid.

    not enough boob = psychotic behavior.
    i read that somewhere once.
    i think.
    though, i might be making that up.

    i do that all the time.
    make shit up and say it with conviction.
    people simply believe it.
    especially 1st-ers.

    i *am* a 2nd child, after all.

    and we’re the BEST ones.
    even if we don’t never get enough boob.

    even if.

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