This post brought to you by squimishness

Today is officially a Great Day. Both kids went down for their naps without a second of fuss AND I pulled my jeans off without unbuttoning them. WIN. 🙂

And I just couldn’t bring myself to say that in front of all the random asshole guys I know. But funnily enough I don’t worry about saying it on livejournal. I wonder what that says about the quality of the guys I know on facebook. Hm.

2 thoughts on “This post brought to you by squimishness

  1. rbus


    when the fuck did my asshole license expire?

    is re-application possible?

    pull off your jeans without unbuttoning them….

    hold on a second.
    is being able to pull of your jeans without unBUTToning them
    sort of femalian standard of weights and measures that
    guys don’t know about?

    it’s one of those many Rubicons hidden from people with nuts.
    isn’t it?

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