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I am so angry I feel like I could levitate. It’s not one thing. It’s a million tiny things. But I’m fucking angry. Full of rage. I want to burn things down and make people bleed.

I have barely shouted and it has been entirely of the “STOP RUNNING THAT SHOPPING CART INTO MY ANKLES!!!!” variety so I don’t feel that bad. They did it literally seven times. I was so fucking pissed.

But I’m angry. Angry. Burn it down angry.

I am not entirely sure why. Part of it is anger over a social gaffe of my own. I was a complete asshole to someone who didn’t deserve it. I never like myself much after that. I don’t feel bad if I’m an asshole to an asshole. I feel bad when I kick puppies.

But that isn’t all of it.

I’m scared. I’m angry and scared. I’m trying new things and I am risking rejection and that is very hard for me. I want to show people why they should reject me out of hand. I want to test everyone and scare them and make them put up big boundaries to keep themselves safe from me because I am a bad person.

I’m scared. I’m angry but I’m more scared. I’m also having some issues with entitlement. My kids aren’t doing the basics of picking up after themselves this week. I don’t know what is up.

Shanna. Oh my goodness Shanna. I went into her play room with a box and I picked up allllllllllll the dress up clothes on the floor. Shanna quickly turned and shoved Calli and said, “If she is coming in here to pick up our toys to donate them to someone else so we don’t have to clean them up anymore–say thank you.” Then they both chorused, “Thank you.”


Jeebus. What do I do with that. I wanted to snarl. I didn’t. Self control I haz it.

But I have taken a large number of toys out of their play room and put them in boxes in the pantry. Out of sight, out of mind. Please, Universe–stop giving my kids toys. We are full and over flowing and our blessing far exceed our ability to cope with them. No more toys for a few years, ok?

P.S. Books are ok.

Oh my goodness. I’m clearly having feelings. I’ve bought books recently. I’m not going to admit how much I’ve spent. I’ll have to fess up at the end of the year and you can bloody well wait till then.

I’m very excited. I uhh went online and found the entire Tamora Pierce collection. Oh yes, I did. I am very excited. I have already been pissy more than once that I gave the books back to my friend as quickly as I did because there are particular books I want to reread.

I also bought new because I am the kind of rich piece of shit who should be supporting authors. Damnit.

But uhm, eek.

I need to start selling books I write. Like, to the person who emailed me and requested a way to buy a book I have already written. Eek. Ok. Thankfully, Noah says I will have a sales page up very soon. Which blows my mind.

My life is good. I don’t know why I am so angry. Entitlement? I don’t feel “triggered” other than feeling habitually disrespected by the kids this week.

I have serious fucking issues around cleaning. I’m so sorry, kids. You must keep common space reasonably picked up or I’m just not all that nice. If your room is a mess I can keep my mouth shut. The living room being impossible to walk across…just fucking no. That’s god damn rude.

Ok. Must go pay attention to people here. Don’t really want to. Life doesn’t always give me what I want.

Every day love

My kids like to go to sleep curled up against me. It always takes us a while to stop talking about how much we love each other. We say “I love you” many many—maybe more than dozens of times a day.

Sometimes I feel like it is weirdly excessive. Sometimes I feel like I am managing to finally experience what I’ve wanted my whole life. People actually like me here.

I haven’t been able to handle being on the PTSD forum lately. I can’t handle the way people talk about coping. Yes, these emotions are scary. No I don’t think that I should hide my scary life experiences. No, I don’t believe that the only appropriate place to talk about trauma is in a therapy office.

People who want to “get better” talk. People who want to “get better” have to take the risk of being hurt again. You have to trust with your whole heart even though it is terrifying and awful.

I am so grateful for Noah. These people talk about being married for decades and never telling anyone about their history. They have severe troubles in their marriage because their spouse doesn’t have enough information to be helpful even if they want to..

I am so grateful that I get to be with people every day who like me. Who don’t need me to just shut up and play a role for them. My kids know I cry. They don’t need me to go away and stop bothering them when I’m feeling sad. They give me a hug and say they are sorry I’m feeling sad. It’s not a huge deal. It’s not part of our daily or even weekly routine but it happens.

They validate that I’m allowed to have my feelings. They offer the comfort they can provide (a hug) and then we move on with our days. You can’t have this kind of support without admitting that you need it.

Noah is so nice to me. SOOO nice to me. He actually wants to see me every single day. He actually enjoys talking with me day after day. It is overwhelming.

My mama couldn’t stand me. I don’t understand why anyone else has an easier time. Only now that I’ve been a mom for a while I think I can understand why my mom had such a hard time with me. I was a truly difficult child. If they had used the phrase Oppositional Defiance Disorder when I was a child I’m sure I would have been diagnosed.

I’m not saying I am awesome and everyone is bad for not wanting me. I’m not saying that. I was awful. I was really hard. I was mean and spiteful and vicious. I still am if you catch me in the right mood. I was a complete fucking asshole.

But I wish my mama had loved me any way.

Every day when my kids tell me they love me I want to deflect it. I want to say, “No you don’t.” or “You wouldn’t love me if you really knew me.”

But yesterday Shanna asked me to read a book about development with her. (It’s So Amazing! It’s a book about conception/pregnancy/sex but it’s not exactly graphic. It’s a kids book.) We got to the part where every girl is born with all the eggs in her ovaries she will ever have.

Shanna told me, “So I was part of you when you were born. No wonder I love you so much.”

I almost lost it and it was hard to continue reading in a calm voice. No wonder I love my mommy so much. I’m part of her. I was part of her through all the suffering of her early life. I didn’t go off and separate until after most of the worst trauma. I am intrinsically and basically on her side.

But I have to protect my kids whether I want my mama or not. Because they are part of me. And it’s my job to keep them safe. That is my only fucking job. I wish that keeping my children safe did not mean shunning my mama.

I don’t feel I deserve the love of the people I live with because I can’t love my mama right. If you can’t do that surely you deserve eternal punishment. Chain me up right next to Prometheus. We both suck.

But the thing is, talking about my PTSD allowed me to develop the relationships I have. I could not have this supportive of a relationship with Noah if I did not talk about my life experiences. It is literally impossible.

So feelings. Talking about the feelings is hard. Talking about the feelings is the only way to build the intimacy that creates trust that alleviates the symptoms. The whole cycle is shitty and awful because talking is so hard because I don’t have that basic trust to start with.

Today is Lego Club day. Whatever my feelings are, they are mine. They stay here in Wonderland. Only Noah has to really hear about them. A little bit leaks out with other friends but not a lot. And I’m going to a home school event. I am there so my children can make friends not so I can get support. And I don’t fucking forget it.

I am grateful that I have three people who love me. That’s more than a lot of people get. I am so glad I get to have the life I have. I feel so safe. I feel like it is ok for me to take risks.

I made the event mailing lists yesterday. If you were not invited that is probably because I could only invite ten people at a time so I picked the first names who came up in my address book. I am having a crises of confidence. If I didn’t send you invitations and you like being invited to things at our house, email me. I am in the invitation list formation stage.

I think I made Google Groups so people can join or not and I no longer have to be afraid that I shouldn’t be bothering people with invitations. I have terrible anxiety about inviting people over. I don’t want to be told no. But I understand that everyone is very busy. If I have people who opt-in to “Sure invite me as often as you like and I’ll come when I can” maybe that will filter some of the anxiety. Maybe. (Seriously–please ask to join the list if you have any inclination. I’m not rejecting you. I’m being paralyzed with anxiety that you might reject me.)

I also finished the petition and printed it out. The kids and I should start walking the neighborhood to collect signatures today. Oh goodness.

I was very careful in my wording. I want everyone in our neighborhood to be happy, healthy, and included. Let’s find a way to work together. No one should be pushed out. But sometimes in order to cohabitate peacefully you have to talk about boundaries. Healthy relationships have boundaries.

Cross your fingers. Davey Crockett says: “Be sure you’re right. Then go ahead.”

I believe I am right to try and intercede. I believe that there is positive to gain for the people in our neighborhood if we can negotiate for the limits we physically need for health.

Despite waking up and feeling like I should spend the day under my desk rocking and crying (some mornings are just like that) I will do a lot of community building. It doesn’t matter that I feel like I “can’t”. The plain and simple truth is that I can. I just have to get up and do it.

Lazy whole forking week.

Not one of my more productive weeks ever. Mostly I’m resting and feeling like my brain won’t operate at full speed. I feel existentially exhausted and frustrated and like I can’t do anything right.

I want to buy things. I want to go out and spend money as entertainment. I want to eat out every single meal because cooking makes me feel stabby.

I want to see people and I want to hide under a rock. The dichotomy of my life.

I choose to blame bleeding for this week being a flip out zone. I’m really grateful I can mostly cancel everything and stay home on weeks when I’m bleeding and I think EVERYONE HATES ME SO I MIGHT AS WELL BE THE CUNT OF THE YEAR! WHEEEEEEEE Ahem.

I haven’t flipped out. I just have a lot of really big feelings. Calm down. Everything is fine because you have the luxury and privilege to just be quiet when this happens.

I am so lucky. I appreciate my life. I appreciate that I can spend hours quietly cuddling and no one requires me to get up and work on something they care about.

I’m grateful for my life. I’m glad I get to be doing what I’m doing. I am enjoying it.

My kids are testing boundaries. And that’s life. I can cope. I just can’t seem to handle reading any books. Meh. My brain is full. I’m tired. I’m anxious. I want…. something. It’s not sugar. I tried that. It’s not protein. I tried that. It’s not vegetables.

Although I’m starting to think that tomatoes might be a part of my problem. I had a tomato based dinner with some wine (not a lot) and I was up in the bathroom all night with a burning cleansing. My body hates me. I have had more alcohol than that without a problem in the past but sometimes alcohol gives me trouble. Oh man.

I’m starting to think I should just give up alcohol. It’s not my friend. But it tastes good. Is this alcoholism? “But but… like twice a month I want a glass of wine… sometimes it irritates my digestive system and sometimes not. CLEARLY I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH ALCOHOL.” Or something.

I want there to be something big and catastrophic wrong with me so I can be more than just a petty whiner.

Or for nothing to be wrong with me. Either way would be fine.

What behavior should I have.

I’m not sure what to think about something. When someone adamantly insists, “I’m not being hostile or aggressive” but a sample of more than ten people all perceive someone as being both hostile and aggressive… something is broken in the process. Maybe there are some learned behaviors that appear hostile and aggressive that are happening unconsciously whether you feel that way or not.

Body telegraphing, if you will.

People certainly believe they have the right to punish you for variations from the emotional affect they believe you should have. You think I’m wrong? Watch little kids in a classroom. They are punished routinely for having the wrong attitude.

I worry about being someone who tone polices other people. I don’t think that is good juju. (I am reading Ashe Dryden because she wrote a neat article.)

If someone jumps up and down saying they aren’t angry but their body language is perceived as being aggressive they will be punished.

You have to learn how to “show” the same “feelings” as the people around you or you will be punished. It’s a lot more complicated than it seems. It is very cultural and people are required to adapt from environment to environment or they will be punished.

Try church hopping if you want an example of this. Holy toledo.

Silencing is the word Ashe uses.

Human communities are communities whether they are individual tech companies, web forums, bdsm communities, churches, schools, retail stores, or fast food chains in my experience. We don’t get away from our innate desire to find people who validate us and make us feel better about being the way we are.

When people tell me they don’t have that desire they are usually arguing about why they want to keep their social status on a website forum because they aren’t interested in other forms of social status. Whatever dude. I feel you. I go through my forum phases and I don’t judge.

The internet is going to change everything.

Only it won’t change a god damn thing. Because we will just bring all the everything with us. I am interested in what will happen. I still kind of hope that I will live through another revolution of some kind.

I mean, I already am. Not really. But I am living through the transition from the Industrial Age into the Technology Era and I’m doing it in the time and place where that is being made. I am sitting in my garage staring at a device that would seem like magic to any of my grandparents.

All of my grandparents died before 1990 and three of them died before 1980. They couldn’t imagine my MacBook Air. It’s playing music. I can see my pictures organized on a screen behind the one on which my magic typewriter is writing. My typewriter isn’t even attached to anything–it just floats free and has a magic sensor that lets it talk to my laptop.

Magic I tell you.

That’s a revolution in and of itself. The sheer access to information I have had in my life is magic. I used to have a lot of spare time. You know what I did? I read. A lot of it was shit. But I learned words. I learned concepts. I have the ability to imagine things that I’m pretty sure my family still can’t. Not because they couldn’t–but they are incredibly unlikely to care.

My grandparents would probably all be horrified by me if they knew me, even if they only saw the “settled” results. I did end up in a heterosexual relationship with two kids. I do dress them very conservatively. In some ways, shouldn’t I be worthy of approval?

Nope. I tell my kids they don’t owe any fucking adult their god damn submission. If someone tells you to do something that isn’t about your *safety* you need to decide how much you care about honoring their request. Don’t make messes other peoples have to clean up–that’s an asshole thing to do. But a lot of people are going to randomly tell you yes or no or whatever just to feel powerful. They have no power over you. You don’t have to fucking care if they approve of whether you are obedient enough.

That’s just not relevant.

So I’m pretty sure my grandparents wouldn’t approve. And yet their living great grandmother thinks they are awesome. She works with poor kids in a poor rural area. My kids know so much. They can talk about so many things. She’s not used to dealing with kids who are talked to one on one all day.

I think a lot about the things I learned from Sobonfu. Your ancestors are tied to you. It is their fault you are here so they owe you. It doesn’t matter if they like it. They can suck it. If they didn’t want to be responsible for you then they should have been more careful about what they sowed, eh?

I really like that view. I was raised with the opposite idea. That we owe permanent obedience and service to the ancestors for the blessing of birth. I hate my system.

I, however, have read enough economics to understand why “let the ancestors take care of things” is mixed.

Dependence. Obedience. How much do these things matter in communities, businesses, humans?

I don’t know. But writing time is over.

Oh! I ran the half marathon. My time was approximately 2:52. I don’t have the official race results yet. The early part was great. I kept pace with the 2:40 pacer up until mile 11 when I started having ankle spasms. I feel quite proud of my ability to finish under 3 hours given how much that hurt. It didn’t hurt if I walked very carefully. Only if I bent my feet.

Ok, now to schedule the next half and figure out what exercises I should be doing to strengthen that muscle. Holy shit ow.

Short post

Breakfast is ready. We all slept in. But here I am. Medicating. If I don’t… I won’t eat. I feel like a gross terrible junkie because I take a cannabis pill and then go out to the garage to smoke. The pill takes forever and if I wait for it to kick in… I can’t eat until then. I haven’t vomited from stomach pain in a long time because I have been respecting the boundaries of the effectiveness of this medication. The smoking can be felt in less than fifteen minutes. As opposed to over an hour. (Besides the cannabis pills are absorbed better if you eat at the same time… which I can’t.)

I feel good. Isn’t that a weird thing to say after the previous paragraph? Some days I wake up and I look at the knives I have to juggle that day and I think, “Meh. I got it.” Some days I cry. I’m never sure which is which or why.

I think a lot of my anxiety about my involvement with neighbors revolves around this idea, “If it all blows up we may be stuck living near one another for years….”

We spend more time with our neighbors than anyone I know. We didn’t know these people before we moved here. I’ve forced relationships. Forced sounds like the wrong word. I’ve nurtured relationships. I have created them out of whole cloth. I have incubated and been persistent and these days people seem to really like me.

That’s weird, yo.

I’m looking forward to talking to the temple. I practically vibrate with excitement thinking about this. This is my chance.

If I want to be a big fish in a small pond. If I want to be someone who actively builds bridges between different kinds of people. If I want to be able to make peoples lives better this is the chance that has been thrust upon me this week. I’ve had other chances–some of them I’ve taken and some I’ve passed up, often with regret. I know there will be more in the future.

Meddle. That’s what I do. I meddle. I’m a teacher. I tell people how to do things better. I study people and relationships and patterns and I hope I can help people appreciate one another more.

This is a chance. I have the physical petition mostly written, I think. I have a few more things I’m going to tweak. I want to write up a one page hand out with “let’s have a neighborhood email list so we can arrange a block party and summer kid activities” on it.

It’s time to just go. But I’m not starting until after this half marathon. It’s freakin tomorrow. I need to focus.

I want to be someone who matters to people. I don’t want to be president. I don’t want to be the boss. But I want people to think that I often have interesting things to say and I’m worth listening to.

If you want that you have to just go do it. To that effect I’ve introduced myself to three new neighbors in the past two days.

Just go.

Never just one thing

Overall I am in a good place. I’ve been pretty consistent in my emotional state and behavior over the past few days. But then there are those crashing waves of missing my mother. Having my life be overall wonderful makes those bits harder.

Why can’t I bring my mom along on this awesome-family-ride. Because my mom would wreck it. Because she would come to my house and tell me softly and sweetly how every terrible thing that goes wrong with anyone is my fault because I am so terrible. She would tell my kids that people suffer for them. She would tell my kids that it is all their fault that bad things happen to their parents.

You can’t control other people. My mom is who she is. She has had a viciously awful life and she has coped as best she may. I don’t really blame her for coping the way she has. Deflecting blame is a lot of how she keeps the worst of the misery from drowning her. I get it. I don’t even feel angry any more. But I won’t let my kids be the bottom of the shit hill.

I was asked why I didn’t just back off on time with my friend I’m having conflict with. Because he is autistic and that is EVERYONES first go to. If I put strict boundaries on the conversations he doesn’t bother me and we don’t have the conflict. We have extreme conflict because he’s a large white man who believes he has been persecuted as badly as any human ever. I can see why he thinks that. He certainly is treated badly. And to all evidence he is literally incapable of seeing anything but his point of view. He’s not just being stubborn.

I can see more points of view. I’m not sure if it is an advantage or disadvantage. I can see that he truly has suffered a great deal in his life.

Being a large white male doesn’t save you from being beaten up and raped and shunned and loathed just for existence. If you are weird you should die. I get it.

I’ve just lived in enough non-white areas that I see what my white privilege has granted me. I don’t think he has had similar experiences and I’m not sure he could internalize the lessons at this point anyway. At some point you are who you are.

I’m not who I will be yet. I’m still changing really fast. Some people don’t change very much. Some people are almost exactly the same at 60 as they are at 19. I admire that and despise it at the same time. I think I despise it because it is so far outside the realm of my capabilities and that makes me feel pathetic.

Today is a don’t-go-anywhere-don’t-socialize day. Tomorrow is a small amount of socializing for me. Sunday is a half marathon. I’m not feeling all that ready. I’m not eating right and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong exactly. My belly has felt really heavy and lump-like lately. Like most of my food is just sitting in my stomach undigested as a big rock. My legs are tight and sore. I think this might be a rough race. I need to back off on my hopes to be fast and just finish. It’ll be ok. My knee has been twinging. My ankle keeps giving me trouble. Not like OH MY GOD I CAN’T RUN but I have to slow down and be careful and deliberate in my foot placement.

When my kids snuggle up and tell me I am the best mama in the world I tell them that I am glad they like me because I am not everyones cup of tea. Shanna smiles at me and says, “Well they can have any wrong opinion they want to have.” I love my daughter with the power of a thousand suns. I feel so lucky that I get to spend all day with someone who likes me so much.

I’m still excessively grooving on this stay at home parent thing. No, I don’t want to send them off to school so I can have “me time”. I get me time. Maybe not as much as my friends who work but Noah and the kids and I have figured it out. It took a while. It took the kids getting old enough to entertain themselves and meet a lot of their own needs. I no longer have to assist with every pee or poop in the house. It is glorious to be freed from such a time consuming obligation. And I do less laundry. HALLELUJAH! You don’t appreciate the lack of something until you do it for years.

I can’t have the mama I want. But the nice lady who let me paint on her fence last summer is giving me lots of seeds. She saves from her garden. And she wants to sit around and exchange Chinese words for English words about plants. Peepaw (spelling is completely fucked) is the sound for the word that mean loquat. And that is the one I can sound out well enough to kind of write down. She told me at least fifteen more and that’s the one I remember the next day. I’m kinda slow and stupid sometimes.

I should learn the words for things I like to eat instead of for things I’m not that into. Duh.

I would like to be able to passably get food in about six languages. That would make me very happy before we take off on our year-long international adventure. Donde esta el bano (yes I know I am missing accent marks but it would take me multiple minutes of staring at the keyboard to get accent marks because I haven’t used them in a few years and I’m a lazy fucker and I can’t remember and… pretend I know that the e and the a and the n all have accents–ok?) is a phrase I need to be able to translate into Mandarin (more common than Cantonese), Thai (we are thinking about Thailand), French (much of Africa speaks French), and I already know it in English and Spanish. Only three languages to go.

Beat head against wall.

I feel very happy that language acquisition is one of the main tasks of my life for the next few years. I like the way it is self evident. Either I study and can talk to people or I stand there mute and feel awkward. I like those kinds of situation. “This is on you. Get it done or it will be hella obvious you were too fucking lazy.”

I haven’t edited in a while. I’ll get it done. Maybe I’ll do table work in the kitchen today with the kids. They like that. Clearly I’m not doing it during my pre-dawn time. I’m enjoying the lack of serious thinking. I’m mentally tired.

I’m keeping a lot in my head. Not that it’s important or anything. But I rehearse a lot of things in my head. I feel tired. My head feels sore. I feel like I try to think too many hours of the day. These purges help a lot. Thank you internet, you are there for me. I appreciate that.

I’m being a chicken shit about a number of things for no good reason. I’m just scared. Any time you act you risk people rejecting you. I’d rather sit at home alone by choice than be rejected and find out that I’m at home alone because no one wants me.

Let’s be clear that I’m not delusional enough to believe that no one likes me. That’s not the point. But there will always be people who have feelings in my direction that are hard for me to handle. And I have to deal with that without being an asshole. That takes work. I’m not always good at that work. Sometimes I’m really bad. Sometimes I fuck up relationships because how dare those people have big feelings. I am such an asshole.

I don’t think I’ve done anything awful recently. Always hard to tell.

Ok, I’m ready to stop typing. Have a day.

Dear Mama

Hi. Long time no talk. I miss you. I miss you all the time. I don’t know if you miss me or not. I have never been very nice to you. I’m sorry for that.

A lot of things happened. It has taken a long time but I really don’t blame you. You had a very hard life. I can’t really imagine what it is like to have a life as hard as yours has been.

I’m sorry that I am one more person hurting you. I’m sorry you don’t get to know my children while they grow up. I’ve read a lot about incest. If I want to break behavior patterns in my family I have to keep my kids away from all of the supporting behaviors. That is the best I can do right now to keep my kids safe. And I have to.

I’m really sorry that I’m hurting you in this process. I would really like to write to you about them. I don’t know if that would hurt you more or if it might ease the pain you feel. I don’t know if complete mystery is easier than a partial story.

Every single day I am sorry that I don’t get to share them with you.

Some day, when my kids don’t need me any more I want to study incest. I want to figure out how to help people change the dangerous behaviors so that families don’t have to be separated to break the patterns. Right now there really isn’t a better answer. I’ve looked. I’ve spent years searching.

I am so sorry mama. It isn’t your fault.

I love you. I have always loved you. I will always love you.

I’m so sorry.

good week

I got my cleaning done. I got to put together Ikea furniture. Pam continues to teach my husband how to cook Chinese food. (I appreciate this because my guesses make everything about 12 steps too complicated.)

I made a seating area out of split logs. Now I can tell stories under a willow tree to up to eight children at a go. That’ll be fun.

My plants are growing. Every new leaf and bud makes me feel excited.

The kids are being good at expressing their boundaries this week. Which they aren’t always so that’s good. Being told no is part of the process. Being screamed at sucks. We are all much better about it on some days.

I should pay attention to the person who woke up at 5am to see me.

Consistency, pride, shame–you know, the good stuff.

Therapy yesterday was unusual. Therapy involves a lot of anxious feelings for me most of the time. I go in needing validation that I don’t deserve to be burned at the stake for being a dirty whore. (No offense to sex workers. This is a childhood family imprinting issue not a reflection on a career choice that works just fine for many fine individuals.)

My therapist is getting much more comfortable with me. I judge this based on the fact that she is much more specifically directive with me now. For example: I relayed why I have been paying more attention to Fetlife lately and some of the back and forth difficulty I am watching. She told me to unfriend the people on Twitter who are all very upset with one another because I will never know the “truth” and getting in the middle makes me a target and goodness knows I don’t need that. So I unfriended people on Twitter. Both sides of the conflict. Which makes me feel like a heel.

I also installed a website blocker on Chrome. Now I can’t visit Fetlife on my computer and I won’t type on my phone or iPad so I am back to passive observing. Better for my blood pressure.

I don’t usually feel like my therapy sessions are full of bragging. I don’t think I’m that great until I start listing off how many different communities/activities would like it if I spent more time there. Specifically I said, “There is only 100% of me and there are at least fifteen places that want a piece.”

She said, “Fifteen? Oh surely that’s an exaggeration.”

Tick them off on your fingers: theatre crowd, Dickens Fair, Renaissance Faire, dancing, Burning Man, bdsm (which is really subdivided into a variety of factions), home schooling group stuff (which is really subdivided into a variety of factions), my neighborhood, my kids, Noah (yes he is separate from the kids), my yard counts as a community given how much of my effort and time I spend on it, writing, PTSD support stuff, rape/incest support stuff (you would be surprised how much of my time this sometimes takes up), and last but not least I have a really high number of out of town friends who like me to come visit them.

You freakin divide that pie. All of those communities involve five to twenty-fiveish core people I go to see.

At that point her mouth kind of dropped open and she said, “You have to think about that in context of the other clients I see. It is kind of extraordinary that you have so much love in your life.”

I don’t really understand it. I don’t see very much that is lovable. Well, until I see the behavior my children reflect back to me. Then I think I might be pretty nice.

I like being a nexus. Everything I have ever read about resiliency and being a survivor says the people with the most ties win.

Shiny change of topic. (At least I’m warning you for once.)

Elsenet I said that I felt conflicted about screen time and as a result I am inconsistent. A person I don’t know responded that they are also conflicted and so they are consistent. Except when they have a reason they think is good enough.

Before I say more on the topic of screen time I want to say that I have good friends who have screen policies for their children that run the full gamut. I have friends who permit absolutely no screens and I have friends who hand babies iPads. I’m walking a fine line here because I can offend everyone.

Just like with vaccines, I am an honest to goodness moderate. (I vaccinate but I don’t do it on schedule and I don’t do it as early as is typical and we skip some vaccines and I’m happy with my set of choices.) Thus with screen time. I have principles I follow instead of iron clad rules.

I don’t directly limit the number of hours my kids have screens. Instead what I do is say, “You can have a screen if you have cleaned up from all your other projects.” So they don’t get a lot of screen time. Ha. It is self selecting by and large.

But there are times when they get a lot of screen time because I need them occupied and sitting still and not disturbing me. I think it is one of the best forking inventions of all time. I think it is resulting in a lot fewer children being beaten.

However I feel like I am slightly manipulative about screen time because on days when I want a break I am way more cheerful and helpful in cleaning up. Ahem. Most days I’m kind of a hard ass and I stick to the line, “I didn’t throw it on the floor. I am in the middle of ______ chore. Please do it for yourself.” I do a lot of fucking chores just so I can have excuses. I feel sorta guilty about that. It’s how I can excuse my boundaries. I’m not sure it is “healthy” but there it is.

I feel weird having pride in my kids the same way I feel kind of weird having pride in the fact that people like me across diverse communities for very different reasons. Almost none of them like me because I used to be an easy lay. They like me for parts of my personality that I probably could/should take pride in. It probably would be healthy for me to see that I have positive traits and negative traits but mostly on balance I’m neutral to positive. I’m not a huge negative force or I wouldn’t be asked to go so many places.

I don’t understand what a privilege that is until I spend time really talking to someone who has never really been welcome in any community, ever. I have been shunned. But it’s been a long, long time. I could probably drop that paranoia.

I’ve been thinking about the comment my shrink made, “Do you like being this way?”

Yes and no.

I keep coming up with pieces of the hypervigilance I don’t like. I don’t like that I compulsively count the number of people in a room. I’m not in a fucking spy movie. I don’t need to obsessively check for exits. I don’t like that I have a huge chip on my shoulder because I assume everyone is one wrong sentence away from rejecting me and reviling me forever.

People mostly aren’t invested in me enough to be that hurt. I need to get over myself.

That’s kind of shitty to think about, yo.

Those are the kinds of tics an editor will take away. Do I want them to go? Do I want to stop sounding like me?

And now a three year old says I have to go play doctor. All of our clothes will stay on. Keep your mind out of the gutter.

Hard conversations are…

Sometimes anti-climactically easy. I said, “We need to have a talk. I’m feeling very emotionally flooded after each visit and I spend a solid week processing with about five different people. This can’t continue.”

“So you want me less or not at all?”


*complete shock*

“Let’s try boundaries first before going to the shunning step.”

“Ok! Let’s do that! Which boundaries where? Oh, and let’s add this other boundary.”

“And I’m still pissy about Christmas. My feelings were very hurt.”

“You know… I wondered day of if I had stepped in something and I wasn’t sure and I hesitated to bring it up–thanks for telling me. I’m really sorry. That wasn’t cool.”

Ok, technically it involved slightly more sentences but it was about that simple. The visit last night was nice. We talked about a variety of non-threatening/non-triggering topics and enjoyed one anothers company.

We are all lonely. Sometimes being around people means learning which things not to talk about on which days with which people. The other option is being alone. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t really want to make my friends be alone just because they have a hard time intuiting which topics are “sensitive” for me. I’m hard to read. On purpose. It isn’t fair to expect people to notice.

I’m crossing my fingers. I genuinely believe that it is good for me and my kids to get to know very different kinds of people and we need to figure out how to have our own boundaries with them. Rejecting people who have poor ability to intuit social boundaries is not helpful on the path to learning how to better communicate boundaries.

Also, this story hurts my heart. I wish people had cared about me like this when I was twelve instead of thinking I deserved the 25 year old drug dealers.

my life is good when I’m not chemically out of whack

The new ergonomic keyboard doesn’t have all the parts necessary to work. This is annoying. That is going to be the low point of my day. Which is really cool. I can exchange my biggest problem of the day.

Every single day I wake up grateful for Noah. He is so nice to me. He is so kind. I have received more love and caring in the past seven years than in the previous twenty-five years put together. I am so lucky.

Many people have childhoods as bad as mine. Most of them don’t go on to have happy adult lives. At this point in time my strife feels like stuff I’m opting into or it is so structurally vast that it isn’t really a day-to-day problem for me. I have conflicts with my friends because I pick intelligent, opinionated, fierce people for my life. I go out and hand select them out of the bunch of quieter and more complaisant people. I can’t bitch that we have conflict. I can learn how to manage it without having a heart attack–damnit. Or I’m fighting things like rape culture and whereas it is a problem every day it isn’t a Daily Problem if you know what I mean.

If I was hungry that would be a Daily Problem. If I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent that would be a Daily Problem. I don’t have those kinds of problems anymore. My big problems are that sometimes my kids scream more than I like or I am inconvenienced by a major electronics retailer.

I just can’t bitch too loud, you know?

My garden is so beautiful lately that it takes my breath away. I MADE THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*

I no longer feel like everything I touch turns to shit. Some stuff doesn’t work out. It isn’t all my fault and I am not poison. I can do things. My corn is popping up. Clearly I can do something.

I see so much green. I have more plans. It’s going to take years and every day of work will be a joy. I get to stay here long enough to make long-term plans. I get to dream about the future. Shanna likes to talk about building one of the houses next door so we can tear down the fence between the yards and build a second story walkway between the houses. (Technically she just wanted to fully connect the houses. I voted for the second floor walkway so we could still have the side yards in between for plants. She decided that I am smarter than I look. She is my kid.)

I think that sounds pretty magical and wonderful. When I remodel my house I am getting a sound proof room so my husband can beat me and no one will hear. I want to have that privacy in the future (I’m kind of sick of not being able to play at home) but I also want to have the connection with my kids. I like them as people. It’s not about having control over them forever. I enjoy their company. If they enjoy mine I’d be thrilled to keep hanging out with them. I genuinely like them.

I feel so lucky.

When you decide at seventeen that what you want is to be a home schooling parent there is a lot of room for things to not work out. I feel blessed that not only did I find a partner who is supportive but my children and I happen to have compatible temperaments. They have a lot of freedom to do things that bug me without penalty. Frequently I will acknowledge, “This is not my favorite thing. But I don’t get to control everything you do. I hope it goes well. I can’t watch.”

I feel incredibly lucky that my dreams are coming true and it’s actually a pleasant process. That is a rare dichotomy. Usually if you get what you want you find out it isn’t that great.

Noah is that great. The joy I feel spending all day with my kids is that great.

This weekend was basically perfect. I ran 12 miles. Socialized with a very old friend (16 years and counting–more than half my life now) for three hours; rocky stuff happening in her life but I’m glad she has the fortitude to take the steps she needs to take. It is kind of amazing the way her life is 100% different than it was three years ago. She has a new job in an entirely new field (she left theatre) she has a kid and she’s about to be single for the first time in a very long time. That’s a lot of big changes. Got an ergonomic keyboard and new running shoes. Otherwise we hid in the house. That’s a very slow weekend for us. Eight hours of bustle for me and no one else.

Of course because I was in the house and only busy for eight hours out of forty-eight I did a bunch of yardwork. Grow wildflowers, grow. Damn you. I hung up the hanging pots! I’ve had them for over a year and I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m getting all my residual chores done that I’ve been procrastinating on now that I’m procrastinating on editing. Doo de doo. I’ll get it done.

And the petition. I’m going for upbeat, friendly, everyone should get to live here without pain.

I’m really grateful that my neighbors are becoming so much more friendly over time. I will know everyone on the block some day. We have a new family! With kids! They are visibly Islamic so I will cross my fingers that I can behave in a socially appropriate enough way to manage to not offend the parents so our kids can be friends. My lifestyle is different. I won’t corrupt your young children.

I will wait until they are teenagers.


I will corrupt them with ideas like, “No one gets to touch any part of your body unless you actively want it to happen. If someone does so, find other adults who can help you deal with the situation.”

And, “Sex is awesome and if you want to have it then that is between you and your conscious. If you are going to have heterosexual sex, use two forms of birth control every single time you have sex. Always a condom no matter what. Always another form of birth control for the woman. If you are going to have homosexual sex then one barrier is fine. Use barriers. Every time. Even for oral.”

When you are young you don’t know what is going to happen to you 50 years from now. You won’t know you want to do until you get there. Leave as many options open as possible. Protect your body and your sexual health. There are no take backs once you contract a disease and you can’t tell by looking at people who has what. Even medical testing is iffy for a lot of diseases. Protect yourself until you are ready to have children. Or you get married and are on permanent birth control because you have ruled out kids. I don’t care what married people do. When you are a kid and you can’t take care of a kid, USE BIRTH CONTROL.

I support you having one kid, two kids, twelve kids, twenty kids (though I will instinctively wince just because oh man I can’t imagine that) or no kids at all because oh man kids are icki.

Maybe I will corrupt your kids. I want to introduce them to the concept of plurality. There can be more than one right answer. Your way isn’t the only way. My way isn’t the only way.

I admire many of the tenants of faith from all of the major religions. I think religion is mostly a set of written down rules on how to be good. Every one has their own idea of what “good” means. I think there need to be many sets of rules because we need many kinds of people.

All progress depends on the unreasonable (wo)man. If no one has a belief that is unreasonable to you then progress won’t be made. We have to stretch the borders of acceptable parameters.

Yes, autistic ways of being should be better understood and supported from earlier in life so that folks have an easier adulthood. I struggle with how to deal the bitterness from the current adults who didn’t get any help.

I understand what it feels like to desperately need help during your childhood and to not get it. I have more options for help now that I’m an adult. Autistic adults… not so much. The vast majority of all people with mental illness do not have the resources I have.

I am one of the lucky ones. How much of that is privilege granted to me by the color of my skin? How much of that has been my ability to meet the right people so I can get help? How much of that is that I first had access to state funded therapy and then I had good health insurance and then I had a rich husband?

If you prosecute your rapist then you get state funded therapy. You will be part of the victim-witness support network. That shit is worth its weight in gold. My PTSD has been classified as severe for more than half my life. The state has a vested interest in keeping me off of a bell tower with an Uzi. The state also wants me to not kill myself. The state put a lot of money into educating me and the state wants a productive citizen out of the deal, damnit.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” JFK was a guilt trippin’ motherfucker. But he’s right.

My autistic friends teach me over and over and over and over that it really doesn’t matter what you “mean” when you say something. It matters what other people see, hear, and feel as a result of you saying something. If you play it right then you get the reaction and relationship you want. If you play it wrong then you alienate people and they hate you and blame their feelings of discomfort on you.

I’m such an asshole. I totally treat other people the way I am treated. Them’s just the rules of the jungle.

But if you consciously believe with your whole heart that it takes all kinds and there is value to every life then you ought not to be that kind of asshole. This is troubling. This is where my ethics and morals and behavior don’t line up. This is not so cool. Ok. When your behavior doesn’t match your ethics you have a few choices.

A) Ignore the mismatch and be a flaming hypocrite.

B) Acknowledge the mismatch and say, “But I have REASONS” and be a flaming hypocrite.

C) Acknowledge the mismatch and decide whether to change your ethics/morals or your behavior. This has mandatory follow up steps if the goal is to change your behavior. If you have no later checks then you will resort to “easier” instead of doing what is right.

Well, as much as I believe that it takes all kinds and everyone is valuable and shit I think that people have the right to reject me. I believe that people have the right to not want to know me. I believe that people have the right to not invite me to their parties and not invite me to their homes because I am rude and offensive. They don’t even need a reason. They can just be not that interested in me.

They have the right to not want to be my friend. I don’t get to take that away from them just because I long for community.

Like my neighbors. Some engage with me more than others. Even the ones who are clearly uninterested in a relationship they have gotten to the point of obvious recognition and acknowledgment of humanity.

My monkey sphere is pretty fucking full. It’s ok that not everyone in the whole world wants to be my best friend. I am incredibly overwhelmingly lucky to have the diverse relationships I have.

Not all of my friends are “nice people”. Some of them are canonical “nice people”. I like variety. I have something to learn from everyone. I am imperfect but striving. That is all I can do.

I’m glad when the anger passes. When the sudden rage dissipates. I don’t really “know” what causes it. It’s about a lot of different factors all exploding at once. It’s different every time.

In the wake of it I feel gratitude for the absence. I’m glad I didn’t fuck up a relationship. I didn’t scream. (One yell. But it was of the “I WOULD LIKE TO FINISH A SENTENCE WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED” variety and there are much worse things I could have done. Not great but I call it a win anyway.)

Children are supposed to test boundaries. That is the whole point of childhood. You learn what happens when you do things.

Shanna tries to be a joker. She likes to lighten the mood. She wants to make a face and make me laugh and have everything be all better now. It’s honestly kind of weird to me. Some of her “joking” faces have all the markers of “I want to start a fist fight”. I have taken to asking, “Is that a silly face or an angry face?” The answer is almost always, “Silly!” (She does get mad too–but that’s usually more clear and related to a situation I can understand.)

When my kids ask me to lighten up I either do so or leave the room until I can calm down because I’m flooding. They have a right to not be around a stress-tastic person. I want them to learn how to have boundaries too.

The thing about our relationship is that we always come back and snuggle after tense moments. We are incredibly physically affectionate. If my kids rejected my affection I would stop but they beg for more. I hug, cuddle, and kiss them hundreds or thousands of times a day. Maybe we have the odd day when I only kiss the top of their heads like ten times.

We check in and then we run off to do our thing again.

Are you still there? I still love you and want to be around you. Ok, I’m going to do my thing again.

I have wanted this my whole life.

I feel horrible guilt but at this point I can have two to three hours by myself on many days. My kids can be told to go in the back yard with snacks and they don’t come back for hours. I feel like I shouldn’t be abandoning them for those periods. But it’s good for all of us so I do it. Other parents don’t force their kids to be alone so they can get alone time. They put their kids in daycare so they can play with other kids instead of being forced into solitude. I don’t feel like a nice mom.

I would feel differently if Shanna were less social. I think Calli loves it. She checks in when she needs to for her hug and kiss and then she goes back to playing.

I spend my days making up songs about how much and why I love my kids. My children will not be the type to grow up and wonder if their parents loved them. My kids are more on the smothered end. Only I take them to the park and classes and parties and turn them loose. They are very engaged with the world and they do not allow me to mediate any more. Shanna flat tells me to leave her alone at parties. She knows that my anxiety cramps her style. It’s… a little weird. But she seems to be working with what she has so we’ll see where it takes her.

I’m not the boss of her life. I mean, I sort of am for a little while. But not for forever. It is my job to teach her the rote body memory necessary for caring for yourself with ease an adult. You will just be used to “This is what we do all day to take care of our bodies.” It won’t be this weird thing that involves transactions with other people all day long to get your basic needs met.

The thing I hate the most about all the American bastards who wrote about “self sufficiency” and “self reliance” and living out in the woods by themselves WOULD HAVE STARVED if not for the generosity of women in their communities.

Fuck your self reliance.

And yet! There is a basic level of self care that I believe that every human being should have. I feel rather disturbed by the number of adults I know who say, “I can barely boil water”. What the hell. That shows a dramatic and disturbing hole in your education. Your parents failed you. I’m sorry for that.

See, I’m a judgmental bastard all over the place.

And if you catch me on the wrong day I may rant at you about how debt (in particular consumer debt and school loans) is the boogeyman. It will eat your soul. It will force you into a crappy and terrible life where you have no ability to change the system. Debt will make you a slave.

Ugh and ick. I’m looking forward to the days of not having a mortgage. I feel grateful for this fact. I’m scared I won’t manage it in the five years I was hoping to do it. I’m afraid it may take six or seven because then we will have to come up with mortgage payments during the WWOOF year and that will be kind of annoying.

But it wouldn’t be the end of the year. And maybe if we rented out our house for pretty much the mortgage we could make it work.

“I will find a way or make one.” Roman Carthaginian general Hannibal didn’t fuck around.

The number of opportunities in your life increase as you build skills. I feel increasingly confident that I can meet the challenges that come my way. I may not get rich–but I think I will manage our resources well enough to not eat cat food in my old age. At that point my supposed food ethics may go to hell. I will eat what I can afford. I had better never develop actual gluten issues or I’m fucked. Giving up ramen would be traumatic.

I don’t have a lot of answers. I think I am ready to set some boundaries in a nice voice without being an asshole. I feel more relaxed after the weekend. I feel grateful that my problems are this small.

Six days till my next race. I’m ready but I may be slow. That will be ok too. I hope to best  three hours. We’ll see.

My life is pretty cool.

New project. Like I need one of those.

My neighbor came and asked me to put together a noise complaint for the temple on the corner. She wants a petition that we can circulate around the neighborhood. They were very loud today. This is an ongoing issue.

I’m going to try to thread the needle on being polite to everyone’s needs. I like having a friendly relationship with all the folks. I had best word this petition carefully.

No pressure or anything.

Wired for sound.

That’s the expression I use for vibrating with anxiety. I woke up because a kid turned the bathroom light on. I need more sleep. But I’m AWAKE.

Yesterday we went to the kid dentist. Both kids got A+ from the dentist. I feel weird about them getting graded. After telling Shanna with great enthusiasm that her teeth were perfect the dentist looked like he was sucking a lemon when I said that Shanna has been brushing and flossing herself for a bit over a month now. “That’s not ok. She’s not able to get her teeth clean yet.” …. did you or did you not just tell me that her teeth were perfect?

He’s also concerned about the size of Calli’s tonsils. Especially given that I do the gasping for air thing that probably means I have sleep apnea. The dentist also bitched me out for that. I should go do a sleep study and seek treatment because apparently sleep apnea can take up to six years off your life.

“You don’t understand. That gasping for breath sends your body into fight or flight mode. That can shorten your entire life span.”

“Uhm, with all due respect I have PTSD and live in a hypervigilant hell of fight or flight every day. I don’t think the sleep apnea is what is going to kill me. But thanks for your concern.”

He looked taken aback at that return.

I spent two hours reading about autistic adults yesterday. I have some ideas about how to manage my current boundary problems with a friend. I’m going to need to solve them and not expect a fix from my friend. Some things can’t be fixed by other people. Some things you have to do yourself. He can’t guess where my boundaries are.

I don’t want to stop weekly visits. But I do want to stop having to spend seven days processing each visit before another one happens to rocket me into feeling angry, used, and like I want to beat the shit out of someone non-consensually.

I think step one is going to be, “I would like to stop discussing the bdsm community with you at all. I can’t be free to say what I want to say in front of my kids and you say more than I think is appropriate and then I can’t respond and then I’m just fucking pissed. I need to not do this.”

That needs to be step one. If you can’t spend a two hour visit talking about something other than the bdsm community then I need to make the visits less frequent. Too much is leaking out around my kids. Not to mention that I’m only tangentially involved in the scene at this point and I really don’t need to be spending my time freaking out about what other people are or aren’t doing. I don’t need this shit.

That is step one. That is as close as I can get to not black and white thinking on this. Move the goal post. I don’t need to end the visits immediately because I’m experiencing too much emotion. I need to figure out how to have less emotion. It’s not “all his fault” I am having these feelings. But having theoretical conversations about what other people should or shouldn’t do causes me more distress than happiness and I would like to stop doing it.

That doesn’t mean my friendship has to go away. Let’s just have a bright shiny change of topic. All the autistic forums recommend going for as blunt and straightforward as possible. “I’m experiencing a full week of activation after our visits and I need that to change. One idea I have is that we could take the topic of the bdsm community off the table for a while and I can see if that is the problem. If that isn’t the way to solve the problem I may ask for further modifications in the future but for now I’d like to start by talking about other things. It’s only two hours. Surely we can find something else to talk about.”

I love you. I value you. I want you to exist not only in the abstract world but in my world. Right now I’m spending seven days a week being pissed off at you and that isn’t working for me. Let’s try something else.

People don’t trigger me because they are wrong or bad or pick a negative adjective. People trigger me because I have a long personal history of crap. My emotions reside inside my body and aren’t the fault of anyone. If I need to manage myself differently that doesn’t mean that someone else is wrong.

I wish I found my boundaries without feeling this much destructive rage. That would be useful. Future Goal And All.

I asked a friend how she handles her autistic son when he’s on a topic she doesn’t want to talk about. She said she tunes him out.

Tuning someone out is hard for me. I do kind of the antithesis of tuning my kids out. I’m nosy, probably borderline invasive (if I listen to my kids this much when they are 12/14 it will probably be an invasion of their privacy–I tell myself that small children have different boundaries) and I believe that the only way I can know my kids are getting what they need is if I provide it. I don’t trust that things will run smoothly unless I micromanage the fuck out of it. (I understand that other people go through life without micromanaging and things turn out fine. Bully for you. I have issues I’m managing.)

We’re always solving yesterday’s problems.

I think it’s funny how people say things to me and it becomes a major touch-stone theme in my writing for years. These little phrases. I am made up of thousands of people. I steal their words and ideas and sometimes their boundaries.

Sometimes loving someone means deciding, “I would rather not talk about _________ with you.”

It has been very rare in my life that someone has been able to provide me with such clear boundaries. I am slaveringly grateful when people can state clear boundaries around conversation. Otherwise I tend towards the “inappropriate”.

It is hard for me to guess which parts of my normal day to day life might traumatize other people. Ok, maybe not my current day to day life, but my past. I can talk about some things with some people and it’s bloody hard to guess what with whom. If I slip then I am a terrible person for traumatizing someone. So I hear. It’s hard to get over having therapists tell me that I should never discuss my history with lay people or I am being abusive.

“Group therapy isn’t appropriate for people with your level of trauma. You will just be abusive with the group members.”


I’m supposed to shut the fuck up. No, I’m not supposed to shut the fuck up. I’m really not. I’m not going to no matter how much some people wish I would. Noah likes reading it. He’s my ideal reader. Stephen King tells me I only need one and then I’m golden.

To abruptly change the topic: Calli is in a phase. I ask what she wants. I say ok, sure thing and move towards doing the thing. She changes her mind. I say, “I’m already 75% done with foo”. She explodes and starts screaming at me about how she wants the opposite of foo. I am terrible. I don’t love her. Hysterical crying. Flailing of arms and legs. It is the end of the world. If we are out in public I pick her up and carry her back to the car and drive home. If we are home I ask her not to scream in the living room and carry her to a screaming room if necessary. Then I need some time alone.

I’m too highly activated all the time. I’m worried about my reflexes right now. I’m punchy and twitchy.

I’m trying to just roll with it. I know from books (thank you child development books. You are the best things in the whole fucking world) that this is normal and standard and the best way to handle it is to teach emotional self regulation slowly and patiently. Validate the emotions and help them learn to calm down. Yup, you really are that disappointed all of a sudden. That sounds hard. Sometimes when you make a choice you have to live with it or get nothing. That’s how life goes. Yup, it’s terribly hard sometimes. Sometimes it is so hard you cry. I can see you understand that step already.

But it takes so much patience and calm. My well runneth dry.

A while ago I told a friend that her husband required the same kind of patience from me as her children. She looked kind of startled. A fair number of my friends (I almost defaulted to the sexist “male friends” but then I stopped and thought–nope it’s not gender related I just have issues with people.) require the same kind of “must stop and patiently explain what I’m thinking to someone belligerent and unfamiliar with my vocabulary” kind of behavior from me. I totally don’t mind doing it with kids. That has always been easy. Explaining “down” doesn’t bother me. It feels just and I don’t get nearly as frustrated.

I’m kind of a raging asshole when it comes to adults. I didn’t try to go for being a college professor for reasons. I don’t have fucking patience for them. Shut the fuck up and get your shit done you stupid fucking piece of shit.

Yeah, 8th period social club was way more effective as a teaching method.

(I don’t really believe that people are stupid pieces of shit for not knowing things I know. But I’m really not a very nice person in my head.)

No one has commented on my lack of tact in years. I wonder what that means about my social skills. It isn’t that I spend less time with people. I spend time with very different kinds of people. And I’m not hunting for sex. That probably is the biggest mellowing feature.

These days hunting for sex is more like shooting fish in a barrel. It changes the vibe. Hunting for sex is one of the least activating activities in my life. *nudge* “Wanna?” “Yes!”

It’s flattering but not exciting in the same way. It’s nice. I’m not complaining. Ok, moving on.

Hi, non-neurotypical brain let’s try to figure out how to make you interact with my trauma damaged brain without an explosion from adrenaline. Your tics and my tics have got to combine. We can find a way. Damnit. Fourteen years. I don’t want to lose more long time friends. Sure you piss me off. Everyone else does too if I spend enough time with them.

If I avoided people because they pissed me off I would never leave my house. Which would suck.

People delight me more than they bother me. It’s hard to hold that focus sometimes. That’s the extremist black and white thinking. “I love you. I hate you.” Me and Taylor Swift.

Our babysitter keeps asking for modifications based on how tired she is. “I know we said going until x’o’clock but can it be x-2’o’clock because I haven’t been sleeping well.”

On one hand I have thoughts of “unprofessional” and on the other hand I feel so delighted by her confidence in caring for her body. She’s a growing kid. I’m glad she is smart enough to prioritize sleep. I am unflaggingly sympathetic and willing to be flexible. I need her more than she needs me. I’d better fucking be nice.

In every loving relationship there is a power imbalance. Whoever loves the most has the least power. That’s what my mama taught me.

Is it mercenary to take stock of whether I need someone more than they need me and plan my behavior accordingly? It means I am much more of an asshole with people who need me more than I need them. That’s not exactly cool. I’m not talking raging asshole, but I’m less flexible.

Are those enough words so that I can sleep? Maybe. I have improved the ergonomic set up but it isn’t perfect yet. I need a better keyboard. The neck angle isn’t perfect but it has improved. At least I’m using the tray and a better mouse already. I do need a better keyboard. This one is way too narrow for me. I’ll save it for kidlets.

Just breathe.

I should post pictures of my garden. It’s beautiful. I have tulips and narcissus and sage and rosemary and the Japanese lantern all in bloom. The rose leaves are beautifully red. The Joseph’s Coat roses in the back are starting to bloom. The strawberries and blueberries have lots of flowers and starting fruit. The blackberry isn’t going to give me fruit this year. The hacking stunted it. I get it. Sorry, dude. I needed to change your trellis. The plum tree is covered in flowers. Yesterday I saw the buds on the cherry tree finally start opening.

Spring is here. We have peas, beans, and squash left to plant. The corn has appeared but I need to let it get a bit higher before I plant the peas and beans that will climb up the stalks. Then a few weeks after that the pumpkins.

The artichoke is huge but I don’t see signs of fruiting yet. I have no idea what it will look like. The asparagus is coming right along. I don’t eat them this year. Next year.

Patience, grasshopper. You have a lifetime.

My neighbor dropped off a few more strawberry plants. I’m thrilled to have them. I have a whole bed of strawberries and one of those strawberry pots. I was given it. I use pots that I’m given. We spend so much money on strawberries every year. At least $200/year on strawberries. I’d like to grow a whole bunch. I understand that Noah and I will eat fewer than when we have no small fructivores in the house. Still.

When I am old I hope my intestine will allow me to largely live on raw fruit from my back yard and meat. That would be rad. Way less cooking. I’ll get me a George Forman grill and I’ll be golden. Rice in a rice cooker. Fuck vegetables. That sounds like the amount of cooking I like doing.

I eat vegetables now because I’ve been brainwashed into thinking my kids must eat them and I must model eating them.

I’m going to take six years off my life due to sleep apnea. Heh. If I manage to live long enough to die of natural causes That’s a win.

It’s interesting how different people have different goal posts.

explosions of feelings

I’m pretty agitated today. Clearly a large amount of this is self-created. I don’t know how much of it is other-created or if I’m just creating this whirlwind.

I’m upset about a lot of things that have no solution. And I’m feeling angry and reactive and like I want to blow up at everyone in the whole world.

I’m struggling with being patient as I explain my point of view on any topic. I just want to yell. I feel so angry.

I’m having a lot of black and white thinking. You are for me or against me. The reality is that people are for themselves. I can’t expect people to take a side with me if it works against their interests. They just won’t do it.

I want to hide under a rock and never talk to anyone again. I want to go find someone to talk to. Someone who will be patient as I babble out my anger and frustration but I am yelling too much if adult-subject-matter comes up.

I’m still doing ok with the kids. My overwhelm today hasn’t lead to screaming or yelling I just started crying. I don’t feel “better” about that than I do yelling. It freaked the kids out and then all of a sudden they started doing their chores without yelling at me about how unreasonable I am. It feels manipulative and awful. I suppose it is.

I am not trying to manipulate. I’m trying to ask for help and when you yell no after I’ve spent an hour doing things for you, sometimes I cry. I’m not trying to get you to do anything. I’m happy to leave the room and take my disappointment out of your eyeshot. It isn’t your problem I’m overloaded and sad and having big feelings.

Just shut your stupid fucking mouth you stupid bitch.

I want to cut. This is what my therapist calls “extreme abreaction”. I’m not really getting upset because my kids don’t want to unload the dishwasher. I’m getting upset because it feels like the men in my life think that it is way more important they be protected from a possible false rape charge than that people talk about their behavior in a way they don’t like. In a way that might help the detection of serial predators. Naw. We shouldn’t talk about shit. Just shut up you stupid whiny bitch.

If it was a real rape you would have gone to the police.

Sometimes I did. They told me that they weren’t going to ruin that nice boy for me.

By the time you are 40 it doesn’t matter that much how you were raised. You are who your genes say you should be. I’m told.

I’m scared of what my genes say I should be.

I’m an asshole. I don’t deny that. The current systems in place are not doing a god damn thing to stop rapists. So something needs to change. And yeah, that probably means that the hurt is going to move around. Given that 98% of rapists are men that probably means that there will be more suspicious gaze at men.

But instead of treating all men as blanket, proto-rapists what is wrong with instead keeping track of the incidents as they come up?

We can’t go to the police. We will be told to shut up so they can put the statistic in that we “rape victims” are really just liars and attention getting whores who had second thoughts.

But if we talk about our experiences we will be slandering those poor men.

I’m not advocating that every done-me-wrong should be treated like a rape.

I’m fine with both sides being heard. Right now we aren’t getting both sides heard. We are getting, “Is there enough evidence to prove physically that this was rape? If not then shut the fuck up you probably enjoyed it.”

The hacker who helped the Stubenville rape victim is doing more jail time than the rapists. That is what we think about the victims side of the story in this country.

Besides–in making sure that no community board has a centralized list to ensure that people are only being black listed after multiple infractions of a serious enough nature you have places individually black listing people based on the opinions of one or two friends who has a problem with the individual.

So you get the negative you are afraid of anyway and I don’t get to have any of the positive that I want. Thanks.

I feel both exhausted and so full of adrenaline I could run straight up a mountain. I want to pick a fight. I guess it’s a good thing I won’t let myself do that with my kids and I’m alone with them till bedtime. Enforced civility.

I’m not willing to force the civil for other people to the same degree. I often can’t when I feel threatened. My kids are inherently non-threatening. At all times I am overwhelmingly aware that I have all the power and they have very little or none. It is different with my kids than with other peoples kids. Other peoples kids feel overwhelming and threatening sometimes. Not like an “actual threat” but I activate on a biological level in a very different way than I do with my kids.

My kids are me-not-me. At all times I have this really conscious frame that this is the only chance I have to see a childhood where children are well treated every day of their childhood. It is up to me to produce it or not. Sometimes I’m less present in the room than they like because it is too high of a bar. But I’m around. They talk to me many times an hour.

Calm down Krissy. Stop calling yourself stupid. All of these feelings have nothing to do with your intelligence. Yes, you have been testy with your friends lately. That doesn’t make you the biggest bitch on the planet. When you check in with them they are not having a big problem with you. Yes, you are snapping–which they aren’t thrilled about–but all of them have specifically said that you aren’t being as inappropriate as you think you are. You aren’t as bad as you think you are.

But I’m bad. I’m really mean and hateful. You just don’t know how much because I don’t usually say it. Noah says it doesn’t count as mean or hateful if I just think it. I think he must be wrong. Surely I deserve to be flogged for all the yelling at my friends I do when they are not around. Usually when no one is around. I yell at them when I’m out running. I say all the mean things I think.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT!!!??!?!?!? STOP IT!!!! Variations on that theme. Usually culminating with something along the lines of, “ARE YOU INSANE? HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY THINK THAT. YOU CLEARLY NEED TO BE WHACKED IN THE HEAD WITH A LARGE TROUT.” (Trout was an IRC thing.)

I feel like I’m drowning in unmet needs. But I don’t know what the needs are and I don’t know how to fill them. I’m anxious and scared and angry. I feel like everything is all my fault even when it has nothing to do with me.

I need to figure out where I need boundaries right now that I don’t have them. I don’t want to hit the eject button in order to deal with my distress. I really don’t want to. I also don’t want to be yelling at all of my friends because I cycle higher and higher week after week getting mad at someone.

How to have boundaries. It’s an issue. The kids say I have to come in.


Yesterday I took the girls on our first bike ride. We went a bit over two miles. I was thrilled with how well they did. When Shanna fell over she jumped up and brushed herself off and said there was no blood so she was fine. She announced, “Well now I know not to turn my wheel like that on a driveway.”

When we were getting started we went over to 7-11 so I could fill up my tires with air. There was a gentleman sitting next to the machine having a smoke.

He was dirty, thin, greasy looking, his hair was straggly and unkempt. But he smiled at my kids and nodded to me. I smiled back and said a cheerful, “Hello!” He seemed surprised because he startled then looked down at the ground.

*I* know that I am no better than him. I felt a little weird as my kids rolled through on their shiny brand-spanking-new bikes. We have so much and he has so little. You don’t spend your days sitting next to the 7-11 smoking if you have anything better to do.

I have a nice comfy backyard to sit in when I smoke. I am in no way shape or form morally superior to him. But I’ll bet that he would be surprised by the idea that I am not better. I bet he would be surprised to find that I don’t believe I deserve better than him. I don’t think he is getting what he deserves. I don’t have to know him. I don’t know very many people on this planet who “get what they deserve” for good or for ill.

I choose to enact a lot of weird poverty quirks in my life. I flush my toilet with recycled bathwater. I wash out plastic Ziplock bags and use them forever. I have some kinda bizarre grey water recycling in my yard. My composting is not fancy or staged. It’s primitive. I just bury shit.

I feel guilty that I wasted the money on brand new bikes. I could have hunted yard sales. My kids would not have felt bad. They are equally excited. They have no brand name preferences.

But sometimes there are things you just want and it isn’t about whether or not you deserve them. There is no “right way” there is just what you did today.

I am not better or more deserving than anyone else. I’m sorry that other people are not getting closer to what they deserve.

We don’t deserve shiny new bicycles more than that man deserves somewhere to go where he is wanted and loved. But we have the bicycles and that man doesn’t seem like he has anywhere to be.

Life is very unfair sometimes. Sometimes it is unfair and you are at the bottom. sometimes it is unfair and you are at the top. We don’t get what we deserve. We don’t even really get what we earn.

Next time I will ask him his name. I have seen him there before when I was getting gas but not getting air. Next time I will not walk past him as one more person treating him like he is invisible.

I can’t afford a pet right now. It’s not that I will take him on as a project or try to fix his life. I can’t. I can’t give him what he deserves. It isn’t mine to give. But I can ask him his name and I can see him as a real person and if he turns out to be chatty with provocation I can listen.

He’s here. And I’m here. And no one gets what they deserve. And no one gets all of their needs met. Maybe I can see him and that is better than nothing. Many days that is all I need. I need to be seen. I need to be encouraged to still be here.

I have a home where I’m allowed to line the walls with photographs of people smiling down on me. I can bask in their love all day every day even though those people can’t actually stand me on a daily basis. Or they live far away. Or they are busy. Or.

Here we like to think about Helping People meaning that you send money to the third world. There are people within one mile of your house who would have their lives immeasurably improved if you spent one hour a week with them.

The world doesn’t have anything to give you. The world only cares what you have to give. It’s hard. It feels unfair. It feels silencing and horrible and awful and ugh.

The world doesn’t give a shit about your needs. The world is too busy nursing its own wounds. It isn’t personal. The world sure as shit doesn’t care about me either. I have to. It’s my job to care about me. Not anyone else. I mean, I kind of bully a little of it out of Noah and the girls but…

Breakfast is ready. I love you. Even if you drive me crazy. Even if you have nothing to give me and I have nothing to give you and I hate your politics. Even if I hate your religion.

I love you and I want you here. Maybe I don’t want you right here all the time but I want you in the world. Take up space. You matter. You impact people. Your ability to smile at someone or help them or ask a follow up question like, “So how did your dad’s surgery go?” make people feel like they are part of a web.

Just go talk to people. Even if you are kind of annoying. We need to be poked.

I love you. Even you.


If I say, “If you oppose a blacklist existing within a closed alternative sexuality community (if they are private clubs who insist on membership they are “closed” communities) then you should have the same legal rights as the rape victims these blacklists are designed to help” that doesn’t mean “I think you should be raped.” It means that if a whole bunch of people show up with stories about you violating their consent then I think it’s ok to say maybe you shouldn’t come back.

Yes, this conflicts with disability rights if the person being complained about is autistic and “didn’t mean” to offend anyone. Yup. That’s true. Given the sheer numbers of people being assaulted versus false report statistics… I think rape victims need some way of aggregating their stories so they can figure out that people in their community are habitual predators.

Do I think the black list is the best way to solve it? Meh. I don’t have a better idea. And I recognize this as a problem that needs to be solved. I don’t have a better solution to offer. If you have nothing better to offer and all you want to do is enforce the status quo… Maybe you need to find out what happens when things are shaken up.

Sure it might hurt some people. Life is like that. There are people being hurt right now. If there are hundreds or thousands of people being hurt right now and there is the possibility of translating that into dozens or hundreds then… are the handful of people being persecuted for how “weird” they are worth the trade?

Clearly the men being shoved under the bus don’t consider this a worthy trade. They think that as long as all the rape victims have access to a legal system (that prosecutes less than 5% of rapes) then we are all good.

I’m very sorry that you make people so uncomfortable that they habitually feel sexually violated after spending time with you. That sounds pretty awful. But maybe there are some aspects of your behavior that could be tweaked a bit. I’m not saying you shouldn’t exist. I am saying maybe you shouldn’t interact with people in the ways that are causing problems. Am I victim blaming? Maybe.

The rate of false rape reports is very small. Estimates between 3% and 8% depending on where you look. I will not take seriously hyperbolic statements about how prevalent false reporting is. It’s not a big problem. It just isn’t.

I can’t throw out a reporting system because of a 3%-8% error. That’s small enough that there will still be enormous benefit. What about the 92%-97% that might be accurately tracked? That’s a lot. That’s huge.

It’s not perfect but I support them trying.

Why is a closed board with hidden reporting better than the transparency some detractors are demanding? Because perpetrators are very good at shouting down victims. If every report is real time shown in a place where the perpetrator can see it then the spike in abuse will be horrendous.

If we were talking about taking away their jobs or their homes or putting them on the sex offender registry I’d agree that we need all due legal process. Of course. People are allowed to decide they don’t want to invite you to their party without due legal process. It’s called freedom of association.

I get banned from places too. I’ve been freakin excommunicated. So yes I get that social ostracism sucks a lot.

But we live in a big world. People can move. If one social group doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean you should have the legal right to force those people through some semblance of being your friend.

What if they are picking based on race? Or religion? Or. Or.

You can’t force people to be friends. That never works out. There will always be pools of people who don’t want to do __________ with you. Is it hard? Yes. But I don’t think there is a way to take away that hard.

Especially when what you want is access to a sex community where you get to hit people… you really don’t have a lot of right to be demanding. Sorry. No, you aren’t entitled to anything. You can still hunt for partners. You’ve been hunting on the internet for sex partners for almost as long as I’ve been alive. I think that it will continue to be fruitful for a few years now.

If the quality of the partners you find is not what you want then you can’t get mad at the community for not providing. Maybe an appropriate partner for you doesn’t exist. That happens sometimes.

It is very convenient to talk about the fact that some people never find a partner when I am all cozily partnered up.

My husband could die. My husband could leave me. These things happen. If I am alone when I am an old woman it won’t surprise me a bit. I won’t feel entitled to a replacement body just because I like having one around.

We are never entitled to sex. We can only have it if we manage to inspire people around us to want to have it with us. Yup, that is often harder for guys than girls. Sorry. That’s a big fat privilege. I get it. You resent that in some ways it is easier being a woman. Don’t know what to tell you.

No one is entitled to sex. It may be a personal need but that doesn’t mean that anyone else needs to help us out. Sometimes our needs go unmet.

Sometimes in life your needs will not be met. That happens. There is no way to make it not happen. You just decide what kind of person you will be.

If you can only be a nice person when you are getting what you want then you aren’t a nice person.

I am not a nice person even when I’m getting what I want just for clarity. No ambiguity here.

Do I think a blacklist sounds awesome? Not really. I don’t think I will end up on the list purely because I’m not picking up new partners any more. I don’t think people will dredge up shit from ten years ago. There are more than a few people who could complain about me though. If the community board wanted to have words with me about my ability to maintain respectful boundaries I would listen. I’m aware that I frequently fail in that department.

These days I default to not touching people. Apparently that is not an acceptable alternative for some people. I think the justification is that I get a lot of touch from my kids and partner so I don’t get to say that they have to do with no touch at all.

But if you don’t have people in your life who want you to touch them… actually your only option is to not touch. Sorry. Your need to touch does not outweigh peoples right to decide when and where and by whom they are touched. Even the back of my fucking hand, mother fucker. Go talk to HAI. And if you get kicked out of HAI I really don’t know what to tell you.

You are not three years old. You can’t get away with stroking the hands of strangers just because you want to. Yup, life is unfair and you are persecuted. I get it. Sometimes life is like that.

I love you. I don’t even know why. I never really understand why I love people. Why I put up with the things that bother me. Because I don’t want to be alone either. Because I understand that skin hunger and loneliness. Because my company is really all I have to give and if that is enough–here fine.

I can see benefit to knowing almost everyone. People have things to teach me. Stories to tell me. World views to help me understand.

It sounds like being autistic is shitty with a side topping of shit sandwich. Not because being autistic is bad but because people often are really mean to you because you can’t just “be like everyone else”. Because you can’t pull off the social mechanisms that neuro-typical people use to be liked. These things are just invisible.

The thing is, I’m only good at a very narrow range of those social skills and learning them was very hard. It took a lot of fucking up and specifically working on how to talk to people.

You know how folks sit at home and play video games because they don’t know how to talk to people? I go walk around malls and strike up random conversations. I walk around my neighborhood and force conversation on my neighbors. I talk to people in grocery stores. Other parents in museums. I have learned how to talk to anyone, anywhere with a lot of painstaking effort. Sure most of my early efforts concluded with someone walking away rapidly and sometimes calling me a name. So what? They are low stakes conversations. I will probably never see them again. Who cares if they call me a freak or a bitch?

I’m not the most socially adept person out there but I haven’t had anyone recoil from my inappropriate behavior in a while. (I feel like I should get one of those signs they have in auto shops: “X days since our last accident” only mine will say “X days since Krissy was last socially inappropriate.”)

Want to know the single biggest factor in making me less offensive? I’m not chasing sex any more. Women don’t react as if I am a hated competitor and men (and women) don’t feel the need to either respond sexually or reject me. That means that I’m a lot easier to deal with. Sex makes everything more challenging and complicated. I no longer cause people to have a complicated and uncomfortable conversation with themselves about what they want from me.

And the second biggest factor in making me less offensive these days is despite being a serious know-it-all I don’t act like I am socially dominant in most spaces. I may chatter and babble on but I don’t boss people around. I don’t tell them what they “should” do.

If you spend a lot of time telling people that you could “fix” their problems if they just listen to you then be fucking prepared to get your fucking life in order so you can fucking prove that your “fix” is effective.

I kill most of my relationships trying to fix people. It’s a quick way to drive people away.

Social dominance is a weird game. I’m not a good leader and I’m not a good follower. I tend to get into major personality clashes with people who are pushy with their social dominance. I try to be more timid with timid people. Putting most of my personality into a bag and storing it for later takes effort.

I don’t believe in government blacklists but I do believe that small groups of people are allowed to be selective about who they hang out with.

Otherwise you can’t have a Masons group or a Girl Scout troupe or a Boy Scout troupe or a Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. We are allowed to discriminate. There are fucking millions of people within an hour drive of me. I don’t have to be friends with all of them. (Brain goes explode.)

Many years ago a nice lady in the scene told me, “Be careful about playing with him. He goes hard and fast.” Then when I did play with him he put a cattle prod on my cunt.

If there had been a community board where I could have reported the issue and people who were more experienced than me could have sat him down to talk about why his thought process broke along the line from “I have three hard limits: scat, water sports, and cattle prods” to “Oh surely she won’t mind!”

I think it would have been good for both of us. I think that it would have been helpful for both of us to have support talking through a difficult issue.

It wasn’t an issue I wanted to take to the police and I still feel like that was the right choice. He fucked up pretty big. Putting a cattle prod on someones cunt after they have explicitly told you not to is kind of a big deal. I could have gone to the police… only I wouldn’t have gotten support. I would have felt revictimized. And it was an otherwise consensual scene. I *did* want him to hurt me. Just not like that. That’s not something that should involve police in my opinion.

But… right now there is nothing. There is shut the fuck up or sue. I think a community board has the possibility of being a useful mid-level way of handling things. Not everything requires the police. Sometimes there are still problems that have to be handled.

I’m trepidatious but willing to give it a shot.

Getting to know you

Callidora is an adventure every day. She isn’t much like Shanna. Watching Calli and seeing how frequently I dramatically underestimate her gives me perspective on my mom. I understand better how she ignored me–maybe ignore is the wrong word. I understand why she had trouble seeing me.

In some ways I’m an open book. I will talk about a lot of things with ease that other people simply cannot discuss. But I talk about things on my terms and on timing that I pick and fuck everyone else. I didn’t tell my mom much about what was happening when I was a kid because she didn’t believe me when I tried. So I stopped trying. I can see how I could have that problem with Calli if I’m not careful. I work so hard to stop and sit down and listen to her. I need to treat her like she matters if I want her to believe she matters. That belief or lack of it will largely come from me.

No pressure.

Shanna has a kind of preternatural self confidence that blows my mind. She has been walking up to strangers and announcing, “I’m Shanna and I’m awesome” for pretty much as long as she has been able to walk and talk. She could speak fluently by 18 months so this is a very well established pattern.

Calli doesn’t do that. Calli is more scared that people won’t like her. Calli is less willing to believe with her whole heart that she is awesome. I feel like that is my fault. I sure haven’t spent the first few years of her life staring into her face and talking about how much I like her the way I did with her sister. It’s harder with divided attention. I feel like I’m letting her down over and over all day every day. I’m trying Calli. I know you want more attention. I’m doing my best.

I’m trying really hard to have special one on one time with Calli. She needs to feel like she is as important to the wholeness of the family as any of the rest of us. When I say “she needs to” I really mean, “I hope I can help her feel like”. I can’t make her. I can’t require her to have an emotion. I can’t force her to feel loved and accepted.

Calli has a lot of extreme jumps in emotion. Very sad to angry to happy within a short period of time. Sure, it’s normal for the age but emotional self regulation is a major thing to learn. We are trying. It’s hard. She is going to struggle more than Shanna. She has less inner peace to draw on. I feel like that different amount of starting reserve is my fault. I didn’t give Calli the center-of-the-world experience. I couldn’t. I try to help her see that even though there are down sides to having a big sister there is a lot of upside too.

Sibling rivalry has absolutely arrived but it is pretty mellow compared to some families I’ve seen. My kids have been harped at their entire life, “Your sister is the primary person who will be on your team in this life. You be nice to your sister and teach her how to be nice to you. Otherwise she won’t want to be your friend when you are a grown up and that is horrible and painful. Be nice to your sister.”

Shanna needs to back off and let Calli have more space. Calli needs to learn how to assert her boundaries without hitting. It took me till my late 20’s to master that so I can’t really throw any stones. We’re working on it.

I like that Calli likes different books and different colors and different foods. I’m getting good at that mom-skill of preparing separate meals from a joint list of ingredients. “Column A for people 1 and 3. Column B for people 1, 2, and 3. Column C for people 3 and 4.” Etc.

Both children have decided that since Noah and I don’t eat onions they are done. Fair enough.

Even though I get all tetchy and I wish I had a bit more personal space I’m still grateful every day that I get to have this life. Watching them grow up feels like magic.

I read parenting things that say that you shouldn’t tell your children that they are beautiful. You shouldn’t comment on their bodies. There should be respectful silence due to their right to privacy. Or something like that. I’m sure I misunderstand. Or rather I’m sure someone would be happy to yell at me and tell me that I’m misrepresenting the position somehow. Anyway.

I comment on my kids. I talk about the fat on their bodies and it coming and going as they grow. I do it in a positive tone of voice. “OOh! Your cheeks are getting chubby! You will grow soon. Want extra food?” “Oh your face thinned out last night. Here and here and here grew–I can see it. You are so beautiful. I love watching you change.”

We watch documentaries about history and culture and discuss why bodies vary throughout the world. There is a fairly distinct difference between your average Samoan person, your average French person and your average Japanese person.

Jared Diamond’s work has been incredibly instrumental in guiding how I talk about these things. I talk about what kinds of foods grow in different climates and why people evolved differently in different parts of the globe. And I tell my kids to assume that every kid they meet on the play ground is a Californian until they are told otherwise. You no longer have any idea where someone lives based on how they look. Totally irrelevant. Just because their distant ancestors were in Asia or Africa or Europe that doesn’t necessarily mean much about the behavior, likes, dislikes, or language skills of these current kids.

I am looking forward to traveling with the kids so much I ache with it. I don’t know why I have this strong need. I want to take off with them for a long time. I want them to have this basically risk-free chance to get good at meeting people when they are young. They will have a small taste of the perpetual new-kid experience I had but with a guide and assistance and safety I never had.

We are always trying to solve yesterday’s problems. That’s mostly because we can’t get enough perspective on the problems of today to understand what we should be doing. You solve the problems you can see. That’s all anyone can do.

All three of us Gibbs girls are now bike enabled. I asked Calli if she wanted to ride on a tandem sort of device with me or just get her own bike and she absolutely insisted on her own bike. I’m scared shitless. Bikes are terrifying to me in a way that other people simply can’t understand. Bicycle accidents have done a lot to ruin the lives of my family members. It’s a big deal.

We’ll see how it goes. Calli is on a balance bike and Shanna has training wheels. I tried to talk her into learning balance first and she refused. Ok, whatever.

I want us to be able to seriously get around on bikes. I would like to be able to do most of our activities on bikes. I would kind of like to move towards being a one car family again when one of ours dies. That means the kids and I can’t be trapped in our house without a car. We need to be able to live.

Not everyone in the world gets to have their own personal use car. I probably don’t really need to be one of them. But because I have the privilege and the luxury I’m going to wait until my kids are big enough to kind of get around more on their own steam. Like a lazy person. Because I can. Because that is what privilege means. It means getting to decide yes or no instead of having a choice thrust upon you with no alternative.

My mom usually had access to a car. Except when we didn’t. The idea of choosing to only have one vehicle is really scary for a lot of “I want to be able to leave in the middle of the night if I have to” kind of reasons. Not that things with Noah are bad.

I just like having options. I have other random shit I do to “be prepared”. That’s not the point of this journal entry though.

I see a lot of parallels between myself and my mother. I think I am past the point of being upset with her over not preventing the abuse. She didn’t. That’s the end of that tale.

If I try to be generous, at the end of the day I basically like myself. I’m interesting and motivated and stubborn and sassy. All traits I highly esteem. I learned a lot of those traits because my mother let me.

Clearly she isn’t all bad. She didn’t try to control me much. She let me explore and try things on and she would roll her eyes and accept every phase.

My mom hit me when my actions caused her to feel like she was failing as a mother because I was so bad. I get it. She was trying to instill boundaries. She didn’t have other models. She hit me less than she was hit. She hit me less than my father hit all of her other kids. She hit me less than my aunt and uncle hit their kids. She hit me less than my uncle did. She hit me less than my siblings did.

She tried. She really did.

She survived a rather hellish and horrible life by putting her head down and just getting on with it. If I would come crawling back she would take me. She loves me.

My mama used to scream at Uncle Bob that he didn’t need to hit me. All he had to fucking do was explain it and then I would do what I was supposed to do. My mama did that for me.

No. I won’t hit my kids.

When I think of what my mother was going through during my childhood I’m kind of amazed she was as nice to me as she was. I was like Calli only turned up a lot of notches plus constant sexual acting out. So uhm yeah. I feel a lot more compassion for my mother as the years go by.

I hope there is a way to consciously choose to fix these issues in my family. My mom was ignored because her mom dealt with mental illness and I don’t know what else. I was ignored as my mom dealt with mental illness and trauma and horror. My kids aren’t ignored.

I hope this will be enough of a difference.

Today’s run was long and hard. 10.75 miles. Took me 2 hours and 40 minutes. Everything just sucked. I wasn’t there. I was so sad. Tommy. My mom. Am I paying enough attention to my kids? Too much? Are they excessively self absorbed? Oh man. How the hell do you judge? God I don’t know if I am doing this right. Are they going to be able to take care of themselves? Oh man oh man.

I’m down to 12 years with the first kid and 14 years for the second kid. For some reason all of a sudden that doesn’t feel long enough.

I’m scared. Will I be able to teach them enough?

Kind of funny

Online I keep seeing folks post about an existential loneliness and longing for a specific kind of gathering. I can’t help but feel like people are describing Disaster House Parties. A large event that crosses community lines and encourages people to get to know new people. Not just a dance event but lots of dancers would be there. Not just a programming event but a lot of programmers would be there. Not just a knitting event but a lot of knitters would be there. Not just a home schooling event but a lot of home schoolers would be there. That kind of cross over.

Sometimes in the back of my mind I wonder if part of the reason I initially liked Noah so much is because he is a better host than me.

love hosting events. I love having people come to me. I started hosting as soon as I moved out when I was 18. I hosted Thanksgiving that year for my family. I hosted all the birthday parties for the theatre crowd so we could be not-in-a-parents-house. I hosted a lot of small dinner parties for my Owners friends during the bdsm period. I’ve had parties pretty much everywhere I have ever lived.

I like my friends and I have a hard time inviting myself into their lives. I like my friends and I think that many of them would like other friends of mine. I like my friends and I think that sometimes even if they don’t like one of my other friends it is good to hear multiple points of view so get the hell out of your bubble. I know a freakishly broad distribution of people and I love them all. There is value there. If you want to know what I love about someone just ask. Gushing is available with the slightest provocation.

I think about my friends. I think about their good points and bad points and how I can balance them out a bit. Usually I try to keep my meddling to a mental exercise because that is polite.

Sometimes I love people as much for the reasons I dislike them as for reasons I like them. Life is surprising to me. I’m glad you are in the world even if I only want to see you once or twice a year for an hour because you drive me insane. I love you anyway. I want you in the world. I want that catch up with you. I want to know you are off doing things and existing. You make me know the world is not pointless. There are reasons to strive. You are here.

What is love? What is “family”? Living with the kids and Noah and having this experience of people genuinely getting to know one another… I am so glad I get to have this. I know other adults who have managed to do this with adults friend groups but I haven’t. I’m not sure what broke in me. Noah genuinely adjusts to me. He accommodates me and my preferences and my issues and my shit. No one else has ever been willing to be so tolerant of me. My kids, err, have fewer choices and what I like is all they know.

I have never been so comfortable in my whole life. I have a whole pod of people validating me. Oh. This feeling. This is why other people hold on to their culture so tightly. They want this “I’m right” feeling. I’ve never had it before. Not with anyone else. Not in any other situation. Not at any other time.

I feel like I am right for where I am standing. Clearly my house and yard and kid and husband and neighborhood is better because I am standing here. (Ok, sitting on a swivel chair. Whatever.)

I’m not anyone’s savior. I’m not rescuing anyone. I’m not fixing everyone. I’m just… doing what I’m doing. And it’s ok. And my neighbors talk to each other more. Neighbors who say that they hadn’t talked to a neighbor in decades now know the names of the people in several directions from their house. Because I’m a busybody and I like to meet people.

I hear that in Nordic countries it is very rude to randomly talk to people in public. Small talk is verboten. Good fucking thing I don’t live there. Here I am delightful.

Sobonfu told me that if I lack a family and a community that I just fit in that I would have to build my own. That requires a force of personality that I am scared to admit I have. It’s not that I’m going to deny that I have it, but I’m scared to own it.

I think I am afraid to actively invite more because I am afraid of rejection. I’m afraid the ebb and flow of people being available for what I want from them will hurt. I’m chicken shit.

I know that I get what people have leftover. It is a lot easier for me to live with that when they invite themselves over. Then I don’t worry about imposing on them or taking a share of them that is not for me. I don’t need to drain energy from people that they need just because I am a bottomless pit of need.

And yet it hurts people a lot that I don’t invite more. They do not feel comfortable inviting themselves over. That feels bad. That feels like forcing themselves on someone who doesn’t want them badly enough to fucking invite them.

Maybe I should read Catch 22 so I can use the phrase and not feel stupid. I finally read 1984 and Animal Farm last year. I’m actually glad I didn’t read them as a teenager. Talk about fueling my destructive rage.

I don’t even know what kind of hosting I want to do more of. Well, I have a lot of ideas. I don’t know how this is going to work long-term. Probably start with one small thing. The problem with “small” is that it either turns into a one on one thing, which actually takes a lot more energy from me than a group event, or I don’t know how to get traction with predictability.

Our schedule is highly fluctuating. I suppose we now have at least four weekly appointments and four floating monthly things. Almost all of that is fairly one on one or it is park day or swimming. So yeah.

What do I want my kids to remember from their childhoods? This is the time. If I want my kids to have memories of group events I have to go fucking figure out how to be part of a group.

But I’m scared.

Aren’t we all?

I will fuck up. I will alienate people. I will hurt people. I am a monster–it is unavoidable. But I’m a reformed monster. I haven’t raped anyone in decades. I no longer hit people, even when they ask nicely.

Oh shit. Does this mean I am a case for reformist crap? No. My friends will be happy to hit you for me if we both go communicate that desire along. (If it’s in my name I would have to consent too. Consent for everyone! Hurrah!)

Consent for everyone. What kinds of crossovers and gatherings do I host? Oh man. I like to tell stories about having a gun held to my head or this other time when my skull was crushed against concrete while this guy stepped on me. The context of each of those stories is so different that I feel emotionally disrupted while having thoughts about them.

But I can also talk about traveling in foreign lands with small children. Non scary, totally vanilla shit. Want to talk gardening? I semi-run-mostly-jog long distances. I have hobbies now that I’m allowed to talk about in public, honest.

I will always cuss. I’m sorry. I have managed to make “fuck” more rare in my speech most of the time. I cringe less when my kids say “shit” or “crap” than I do when they say “fuck” so that is the only one I feel motivated to address.

I’m sorry.

Culture is a funny thing.

No, my kids aren’t sheltered in the ways in which other people think when they think “sheltered”. But my kids are not real likely to develop eating disorders. They are incredibly positive about a diverse range of bodies because I have very consciously created a house where that is the only reality they know. They are sheltered from the idea that princesses are helpless, weak creatures. They are sheltered from the idea that girls are supposed to be passive or quiet or cooperative.

It all depends on what you want to filter. I want my kids to know that masturbation is an awesome thing you do in private. Afterwards wash your hands because you don’t want to cross contaminate the bacteria that live in your genitals with your mouth because you can get sick. And they’ve heard that speech delivered with a smile a thousand times already. Pretty much every time they fondle themselves in front of me. “Vulvas are wonderful and private.”

Which is hilarious given how many people have seen my vulva. Hilarious. I think that being able to deliver that line with a straight face means I deserve some kind of award.

Shanna is changing her tune about wanting to go to school. Sometimes when we walk past the school the class doors are open. She watches the kids sitting in desks. Her interest in being one of them has evaporated. She doesn’t really like sitting still or being quiet. “Notice how it always seems to be the teachers turn to talk?”

I tell her that at some point she will want to know something badly enough that it will be worth listening to a teacher for a long time. She says with disgust, “Not for a long time.”

But she loves movement classes. So I think it’ll work out.

I think she is going to teach herself to read by memorizing Girl Genius (we have the graphic novels but all of it is available online for free). The whole series. It is much more engaging to her than childrens books are. She will sit and listen to it read out loud for as many hours in a day as Noah and I will consent to read. This is funny to me because I was never a graphic novel fan when I was younger. They read too slow. I am not patient enough to stop and look at the stupid pictures. They are distracting. Heh. Noah has tried to get me to play nice though.

Noah makes me feel like I should be a nicer person. He is nice to me even when he clearly would prefer to make a different choice. It is long-term self interest. If he is willing to work so hard for me, don’t I owe him equal effort?

Doesn’t everything require effort? Boy I like my alone time.

Behind on editing. Drat. I periodically try to reduce my internet usage for strange and convoluted reasons I’m not up for typing today. I’m in one of those periods and I’m having trouble defining the restrictions for myself. What am I limiting and why? I’m thinking about it a lot. But after blogging again my arms are annoyed at me. Maybe ergonomic set up is not a luxury that can be put off longer. I need to get a system. And really soon.

Not getting a lot shorter.

I am really bad at “editing to make shorter”. I’m all “What do you mean you want to delete some of my PRECIOUS WORDS”. The book may be longer than 30,000 words. Ahem.

The suicide book is hard to read. When I go through sections I stop to reflect on my grandmother, my father, my brother and myself and I put all the theories through the different forced perspectives.

I don’t know why my grandmother killed herself. I know she was the only illegitimate daughter of a prostitute. I know she was married to a Mennonite who was controlling. I know she had five kids and lost one. I know she was very over weight. I know she over dosed when my mom was pregnant with me. There is some possibility that it was an accident. My mom said she saw multiple doctors and had prescriptions for fucking everything. Maybe in the days pre-medication-databases people didn’t cross check her medications. Who knows.

My father killed himself the morning his trial was supposed to start. He didn’t want to go through being prosecuted for raping me. Even though he confessed to the police he wrote suicide notes denying his guilt and blaming me for being a liar who destroyed my family. He sat in his garage with the motor running. Everyone thought he would put a gun to his head but I suppose he was too much of a chicken shit.

My brother covered himself on gasoline and lit himself on fire. There is no accident there. There is no going gently into the good night. Tommy was fucking sure he wanted to die that day in a very painful way. Tommy probably didn’t want to find out what would happen when my dad went on trial. Tommy was very dependent on our father because of his brain injury. And if Tommy was put on the stand it might come out that our father was raping Tommy too. I doubt Tommy wanted to face that.

Suicide happens when someones pain is too big for them to contain any more. I don’t know what pain my grandmother was in. I don’t know what happened to my father in his life to cause him to become a monster. I don’t fault my brother for being done with his shitty life. It was really bad.

But I look at these different perspectives and then I think about me. I don’t know how my grandmother was treated in her life. I know that I went from being treated pretty badly to being treated extraordinarily well. Thank you, Noah.

Noah is sure he wants to keep me for as long as he can have me. This baffles me. I’m not easy to be around. I argue a lot. I can be fairly nasty. I am inherently biased against many of Noah’s points of view–which makes me an asshole on a regular basis. Well, sorta.

I’m careful not to attack Noah. I’m careful not to be mean to him. He has carved out an exception. If he was more sensitive to comments about groups he is sort of part of then we would have more trouble. Luckily being “sensitive” is not one of his strong suits. Phew. He ignores my sniping. Well until he doesn’t and then he argues and argues and argues until I back off. But boy howdy we are civil about it.

It’s kind of weird. Even when I think we are all set for an argument to clear the air… we have a civilized discussion where maybe we don’t like the topic but we can get through it without insulting one another or being a jerk. It’s weird.

I like Noah. He is worth modifying a lot of my behavior. He is very good at challenging me and not discounting me at the same time. We are very good at kicking one another in the ass.

So I don’t have good reasons to die any more. I have a really good life. I spend my days with people who are delighted to be in my presence. I spend my days with people who will cheerfully retry on word choice and tone of voice with a simple “Try again”. We all will. This is an even-steven job. We want to be nice to one another and we all recognize that sometimes that is hard. Sometimes things come out wrong and you need to try again.

No big deal.

It is really nice being able to assume the best of intentions. I think this is what my family resented so much. I never gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not once. Every nasty thing was taken at full face value with extra venom assumed. But they hit me a lot. And told me I was worthless a lot. They called me cunt and bitch and whore and stupid and told me they wished I had never been born.

I don’t think giving them the benefit of the doubt would have been wise. I still feel sad and miss them. That missing is the dangerous and scary part. I feel very bad for hurting my family. If there is a pain that will drown me still in my life that is probably it. Luckily I have three people who are very clear that I am not hurting them and they want me to stay very badly.

I try to remember that. I am important now. I am no longer just that stupid bitch at the bottom of the shit hill. I am not worthless.

It is hard to really believe and see myself as what I am. It would be easier to ignore the real self and try to build a grandiose persona.

But the simple realities of who I am are ok. I’m not as lame as I like to think. I am a teacher. I am a doer and a maker. I help start businesses. Some continue and some fold. I haven’t lost all my money on a business venture yet. I think I always believed I was not someone who “could” do things. I travel the world and my country. I am really good at talking to people. I’m not the best friend over time but I am good at meeting people. I’m a decent mother. I feel proud of the self control I have had in my relationship with my kids. Only fourteen and a half years to go.

Countries: Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, France. I am looking forward to finding out what it feels like to be in a place where white people are not the norm. I have been reading some interesting things about volunteering and the great white savior thing.

I feel some shame about what I want from the WWOOF year. Am I going to be exploiting people? I don’t know. I am not going with the assumption that I am there to save anyone. I am going as a student hoping to learn. I do not think I have the answers or that I will be the best helper they have ever had. I hope I don’t do something so badly that they have to fix it after I leave. That would be embarrassing and pathetic. I do have carpentry skills. I have helped build things.

I don’t know. No motives are above suspicion.

I don’t want to travel the world from tourist spot to tourist spot. That isn’t my way. I want to take my kids to where the poor people live and just meet people. Not because I think I will save anyone. Not because I think that their lives will be better if they meet me. I don’t think I will have a lot of impact on their lives. Not really. Maybe I might be a pleasant afternoon or few months of conversation but I am not going with the idea that I am so awesome that I will make everything better for the people around me.

I think that the people I meet will change me more than I will change them. I am selfish and selfish and selfish and I want to have that experience. I am privileged and I get to do it. Even though I have a lot of mixed emotions about the carbon footprint and economic impact and social implications and blah.

I’m not a hero. I just want to listen.

Ok, I hope I will know one or two small tricks that will be useful for people along the way. But I’m talking minor shit. I don’t think I will be what makes or breaks people. I don’t over rate my importance like that.

Sometimes my friends are very kind to me and they reach out to let me know that I have work to do when my fourteen and a half years of parenting are up. They need me to keep writing.

My not-so-secret wish (I am putting it on the internet and all) is that I want to help people deal with incest and suicidality. Some day I hope I can make a difference in some lives. I hope I can make it easier for people to live. I hope I can ease the burden of their pain.

I hope that some day I can help people feel less alone. And that the feeling of being not-alone will be helpful for them.

I hope.

I can’t solve your problems. But I can listen.

I go in waves of feeling surprised by how I feel about having my childhood story out there for people to read. People bring it up. I need to get it back out for sale very soon. Yeah, I’m just going to self-publish. Maybe by the end of this year I will have the nerve to do a Kickstarter to get it in print. Then I get to hawk it to book stores. Terrifying.

“Hey, want to read about my shitty life? I hope it will inspire you.”

Sometimes people tell me I’m inspirational. My heart soars. But I don’t want to go the televangelist route or anything like that. I don’t really want to be a life coach. I do fantasize about a part time job putting together displays at Ikea. That would be so much fun for me.

Today is long and busy. Woof. We start the day in San Pablo at 9:00. That means leaving my house by 7:30. We have to leave San Pablo by 1:45 because we have to be back at swim lessons at 2:10. Then we come home and a friend comes over for dinner and spending the night.

Someone commented that socializing is my job. I said that wasn’t far from the truth. I spend as many hours socializing as many people spend at their jobs. That is the only way I have ongoing relationships. I don’t know who will stay for longer stretches and who is temporary. If I’m overly selective then attrition means I spend a lot of time alone feeling very bad about myself. So I say yes. And sometimes lots of people are only available on the same damn day of the week so I have marathon days in order to not pick and choose between which relationships I want more.

I want them all.

I’m in a lucky phase. I don’t have to chase in order to be so busy I can barely manage. I have managed to talk people into inviting themselves over. I have managed to get enough reoccurring dates with people that I don’t have to ask much. Thank you all for consenting to the way I like to do things. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

There is, as always, a long list of people I wish I had the courage to approach right now. I miss them. So I passive aggressively hint about it in writing and put my head down and barrel through my day. Like I do. Of course I wish they would invite themselves over. And they wish I were less of a passive aggressive twat. It’s good to want things.

My shrink tells me that given how demanding my kids are I need to be ok with more of my friendships being on a long timer. Don’t think of them as “over” just because you aren’t being very active in them right now. Life is long.

But that is how I didn’t see Jill for almost two years and then she died and… I miss her. I miss Anna. I miss Brittney. And they are done with me.

Other situations seem a lot less like I should put a lid on the coffin and start nailing. Who fucking knows what the future might bring. Maybe we will get our heads out of our asses.

We all want community. When you start rejecting people for not being perfect you quickly find that you are all alone. It isn’t better. Sometimes we have to accept people warts and all and just find a way to get along. I don’t really like that idea very much. But I have several very close friends who have a +/- window on arrival time that would have caused me to jettison them from my life years ago. Punctuality was a bigger deal pre-kids.

I come to realize that part of my softening on punctuality is because I now have a place to wait where I don’t feel awkward, stupid, abandoned, and like I am on public display as unwanted goods. I like my house.

Stop typing, Krissy. You need to edit then start the day. Go.

Medication then catching up

I know I go through periods of fewer posts. Don’t give up on me. I will always come back to writing. My arms were really bothering me. Typing less has brought the pain down to the 1-2 level. Hurray!

Yesterday Shanna asked me about my medication again. It comes up once in a while. She knew I was tapering in December and that I was having trouble with being patient because of it. Now that I am medicating on a more regular question it feels more intrusive to her and so she asked me again why I need it.

I asked her, “Do you think our life together is scary?”


“Do you think anyone in this house might hurt you?”

“Well, we have accidents and bump each other. That hurts.”

“Ok, fair enough. Do you fear that your Daddy or I might do something terrible to you?”

She started giggling.

“Ok, so you feel safe and happy and loved, right?”

“Of course I do. I am safe, happy and loved.”

(I swear to God my heart almost exploded.)

“Well I mostly feel that way now too. Our life is pretty wonderful together. But a long time ago before you were born my life was different. I wasn’t very safe. I wasn’t happy. And for a long time I wasn’t loved.”

She leaned in to hug me at that point.

“Thank you for the hug, honey. My point is that what you learn as a little kid is kind of hard to change when you are a grown up. You will probably always feel safe, happy and loved because you are getting used to it as a kid. I have a hard time not feeling scared and angry and unsafe because that is what my life was like when I was a kid. I have no good reason to be scared or angry or unsafe now. My life is awesome. But it’s hard to change what your brain thinks of as “normal” and the medicine helps me with that. The medicine kind of helps my brain ignore the parts that say BUT YOU SHOULD BE SCARED!!!!”

“Ok, so the medicine makes you feel less scared?”

“Sorta. Not exactly. The medicine helps my brain relax enough to really look around me. Is there any reason in my life right now for me to be scared?”

“Uhm, are you scared I will cut my hair again?” (Calli gave herself a haircut this weekend. Sigh. It’ll be fine. Today we will see the hairdresser and she’ll have sassy cute short hair. All’s well that ends well. I laughed when Shanna said this.)

“No I don’t feel scared that you will cut your hair. It’s your hair. If you want to cut it I need to suck it up and deal with that. Ok, let me try again. I don’t have any reason for my brain or body to be scared. But my brain forgets that I should stop being scared because it was scared for so long. The medicine is kind of a way of gently nudging my brain into saying–‘hey dude–look around, your life is awesome‘.”

“So the medicine helps you be less scared?”

“Sure. The medicine lets me be not-scared. Some bodies function differently and need medicine. Your uncle has problems with his blood sugar, right? He talks to you about how that works for him.”

“Yeah. He has diabetes. He has to check his blood sugar with a machine and then he has to be careful what he eats.”

“Right. So some people who have diabetes have to be on a medicine called insulin every single day and some people don’t. It depends on how the persons individual body is working–right? Because not everyone needs insulin.”


“I need cannabis because my body needs the reminder to look around at how calm and happy my life is. This medicine allows me to do that whereas without the medicine I am too scared to notice how wonderful my life is. And that’s pretty sucky feeling.”

“That makes sense.”

“I think so.”

Then she handed me a book and expected me to shift gears.

I’m making steady progress on Outrunning. I will absolutely be done by June. Many people are bringing up the idea of self-publishing. I think I probably should do that for No Secrets but I’m still afraid that Outrunning will need established distribution networks.

I’m taking a few weeks off of social media. Stop fucking up your arms with lame attempts to connect that don’t really go anywhere, Krissy.

I’m reading, of course. Three books at once. Stealth of Nations by Robert Neuwirth–it’s about System D economies. Piracy, non-registered, street vendors, all kinds of different subeconomies that operate outside the “legal” sphere. I’m also reading Out of the Nightmare: Recovery from Depression and Suicidal Pain by David L. Conroy, Ph.D. It is as fucking cheerful as it sounds. And last but not least: Playing Well With Others by Mollena Williams and Lee Harrington. I feel like an asshole because I’ve owned the book for over a year and I haven’t read it yet. I’m telling newbies to go read the book without prereading it. I recommend it on the basis of, “I’ve known Mollena and Lee for almost a decade and a half and I’ve been to their classes and I’ve played with them and been friends with them so it must be good.” Good to actually read it though. Ahem. So far it is as good as I expected it to be. That is a good sign.

I have more work to do on the garden, of course. That never ends. I didn’t finish putting the last few seeds in the ground. And now it is hella wet which means I won’t have to soak the seeds when I plant them. Maybe I’ll get that done today.

The Prius is in the shop. New auxiliary battery, alignment, and brakes. Ouch. Today I stop and say a prayer of thanksgiving that I am a rich person now and sudden car maintenance is ok. I don’t need to feel scared just because unexpected bills came up. That is such a luxury and I want to be conscious of it for the rest of my life. Relax. I don’t need to be scared. It is only money and we have enough. We have enough. We have enough.

First Sunday in April I am going to co-teach a bdsm class. It will be fun. It will be about boundaries and having them and dealing with people over-stepping them and such. Because that’s how I roll.

Running is going very well. My next race is only 19 days away. Eeep. I still haven’t scheduled the Portland race. I’m dithering for a variety of reasons. I’ll do it though. I have one friend coming over on Tuesday nights to walk five miles with me. That’s pretty exciting. She might make it a regular thing. I want to bully/beg my neighbor into going out with me on Thursday morning runs. His wife says that once my mileage comes down after the race she will shove him out the door for me because he needs the exercise. Saturdays will remain my long days and they might stay solo for a while because post-race I’m thinking I’ll keep to 10+ miles. I feel better physically and I man I like eating like a horse without gaining weight. I seem to have gained ten pounds from all the cookies I ate over the winter. My pants fit better. Yay!

I keep thinking that I should make up a few mailing lists. Shanna is enamoured with the idea of last minute invitations. I’m not so good at making those work. I only know how to get big groups to congregate if I start talking about an event a few months in advance because then I poke people slowly in person over a long period and get them to commit. I’m not good at “Let’s have a spontaneous large get-together tomorrow.” I… I fail. I don’t know who to call. I even feel awkward about individual emails. “If this person isn’t available will they be sad and feel kind of rejected if I bring it up?”

I have been debating with myself how I want to structure this. Do I want one big mailing list that people can sign on to and then they have to ignore the non-relevant emails? That seems like trouble. Do I want a working parents list and a stay at home parent list? That way I am not constantly spamming the working friends with, “Want to go to a museum on Tuesday at 10am?”

I have several friends who actively are trying to run large groups of people already. If I have a mailing list and I want to do things that conflict with their public schedule… am I being rude? Should I have people on a mailing list when I know in advance they will frequently already be asking me to do something else on that day but I don’t want to do what they want to do? That seems… problematic.

But I’m really not willing to drive far enough to just up and join someone else’s group full time. All the folks running active groups are at least thirty minutes from my house and I’m not up for an hour of driving (or more–sometimes two or three hours) of driving for socializing almost every day of the week. I’m just not up for it.

So it goes.

I feel stupid. I want it to be an opt-in thing. But I’m afraid that having it as an opt-in thing will mean that people will feel rejected because I didn’t seek them out and beg them to participate.

I’m being an idiot.

Heck, I’d kind of like to have a mailing list for “Adult friends who do not have children” but who like tagging along sometimes so they want to know what is going on so they can say, ‘That sounds like fun’ without me having to go through my damn Little Black Book thinking of everyone I know before I do stuff.

I like community but I’m shit at organizing it. Anxiety for the win. And I’m a bad joiner. And I want to put a sign in front of my house advertising that I will teach English in exchange for people teaching me their language and I haven’t gotten up the nerve yet.

So many things I want to do and so little time. And so little self-confidence.

Wait! It’s not just lack of self-confidence… it’s uhhh I’m already over scheduled. Yeah. That’s it.

Ok, I should go edit now that I have one more hour of work time left this morning. I miss you, oh blog, when I am not babbling into you constantly. I will always come back. This is an affair I can’t give up on.