Day 2

I am thrilled and delighted to say that day 2 was better than day 1 despite the internet warning me it would be much worse. Less body pain (though still hanging out in the 4-5 range) and I am super excited about less nausea. We went on a nice long walk for my ‘cross-training’ and I didn’t feel dizzy or sick. Woo!


Breakfast continues to be the puffed rice cereal. I am conscious of the fact that it “may” be sweetened with apple juice which means I’m not 100% off apples yet. But I need to eat the damn box of cereal. Almond milk and pecans and bananas to make it feel like more of a meal.

Snack: another banana and a few pieces of raw cucumber. I don’t know a way to cook cucumber and it is on my “safe” food list.

Lunch: GF English muffin (it’s kind of… weird…) and peanut butter

2nd lunch: soup! (I made it!) chicken, chicken stock (home made!), carrots, cabbage, brown rice, potatoes.

Dinner: more soup

On the pooping front, my friend linked a funny/interesting chart about poop: here

My poop is usually pretty yellow and paste-like running to watery. This morning (the second day of post-elimination-diet-food-poop) it is paste-like and thick without form but it is less watery than normal. Very yellow. According to the Bristol Stool Chart  I’m usually between 6 and 7. Today felt like closer to 5 than usual. I feel kind of gross because that represents progress. I couldn’t see separate blobs in the toilet this morning, but in the passing it clearly came out in more separate pieces than usual.

And now you know way the hell more about me than you ever wanted to know. You’re welcome. Notice how I put a cut tag? I hardly ever do that. Tact. See, I have a little. Just a little. I am explaining my poop on the internet.

Lots of body pain but I can’t tell how much is the pain I normally feel and how much is because I’m doing a lot of exercise.

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  1. inflectionpoint

    Yay for cut tags. I am thinking about cucumber, but don’t know any ways to actually cook it. I’ve seen it served in pickles (don’t know if those are ok) and in the yogurt and cucumber raita that shows up on Indian food. If there’s a non-dairy milk yogurt, maybe that? I don’t know much about this stuff.

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