Day 5: now we’re cooking.

Breakfast: yet again with the puffed rice cereal. I can’t 100% get apples out of my diet till the box is gone so hurry up already. Almond milk, pecans, banana, and blueberries this time.

Lunch: big bowl of the vegetable/chicken soup.

Dinner: leftover stir fry and rice with blueberries for dessert.

I felt way less hungry today. I felt more like the food kept me full. That was nice. I walked 3 miles (very slowly–took me an hour) in the morning before the self-defense class. I probably drank 11 or 12 cups of water again.

Which leads me to…. The cut tag! This is, once again, your warning that the upcoming material is g-r-o-s-s. Reader beware.

Oh the poop. So much poop. I didn’t keep track of every time I pooped yesterday because when I darted to the bathroom during the class I frequently had what I think of as “surprise” pooping. I have no previous feeling of “needing to go” I just sit down to pee and surprise! I’m pooping. I’ve had it happen a few times in my life and it’s always weird. It was pretty dramatic yesterday.

I pooped at least six, maybe seven times yesterday. Three times before noon and three or four (can’t quite remember perfectly with the class) times between noon and bedtime.

But right before bed time I had my final poop of the day and it was very brown and formed! Based on this picture I would say it is a Bristol type 4 and thin and long. But it was formed! This is progress! I made poop! *happy dance*

Seriously people, I haven’t had much of what normal people consider normal poop. This is worthy of celebration.

Oh man. I’m tired of thinking about poop. Good thing I only have a month or so of fun ahead of me. Wheeeeee.

2 thoughts on “Day 5: now we’re cooking.

  1. P.

    OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME. I’m glad you are having success in cultivating it! That is really cool when it happens, and whoa fast. (I’m all over the chart, often in the same day. My bowels don’t know what is what. I prefer to only go once or twice a day though my gut likes to go not at all during my cycle, which I fully embrace.) For me, it’s more difficult to tell with diarrhea and much much easier to tell with more solid, so it’s not surprising to me that you can’t usually tell, what with how much diarrhea you were having.


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