Day 8

I started a probiotic.

Breakfast: gf pancakes, banana, pecan, maple syrup

lunch: soup I made a few days ago with vegetables and chicken

dinner: rice, turkey, raspberries, green beans, pineapple (made my mouth itch like a mother fucker–I think I’m off pineapple for a while)

I had a lot of belly pain and distention around dinner. I felt really nauseated and I couldn’t actually eat while everyone was sitting at the table because I felt really bad. I slowly managed a full plate but it took hours. Given that I ran 4.5 miles I thought it was important that I eat even though I felt yucky.

It was a day so you get a cut tag.

It was a four poop day. First at 4:30 am, then 1:15 pm, then 5:30 pm then 7ish. It started out very soft and brown. The second poop was long and thin and kind of stringy and still brown. At 5:30 I had genuine poop but it was pretty yellow. The last one was very yellow and totally soft.

Two steps forward and three steps back.