Day 9

I didn’t eat very much. Given that I had one day of almost formed poop and otherwise I’m staying with the soft mass I’m wondering what else I need to take out. The cereal sweetened (possibly) with apple juice is gone. I should probably entirely stop eating fruit. Because apparently “healthy” food isn’t actually healthy for me. I’m eating bananas like they are going out of style because everyone tells me they are constipating.

Breakfast: gf pancakes, pecans, banana, maple syrup

Lunch and dinner I ate out of the same container: rice, chicken, carrot, cucumber, grapes, fried potatoes (in cold-pressed olive oil because apparently that totally fucking matters). I had another banana for dessert.

Yesterday I only pooped twice, both in the morning. 2:30 am and 4ish am. Both times they were weird little almost chunks that were really too soft to be chunks. At least it is more brownish now instead of being Bright Yellow.

For exercise: 1.58 miles of walking with a friend and 5 miles of bike riding (pulling both kids on the trailer–we are doing much better with it).

What else can I take out? If I get to day 21 and I have no improvement then I think I will need to “test” wheat and/or dairy and then remove something major from my diet like corn or nightshades. Corn and nightshades are the only possible “allergens” I’m still eating and that is happening because otherwise I can’t eat since many vegetables make me sick in big obvious ways. I can’t turn to a nice healthy diet of lots of salads. I will never leave my bathroom again.

I hate my body right this second. I just want to stop hurting.

It doesn’t help that every elimination diet says, “If you feel a lot of anxiety you may not be able to get accurate results”. Fuck everything in the whole fucking universe. I’m feeling very discouraged and sad.

4 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. WendyP

    I can’t remember if you’ve said one way or the other – have you tried using a fiber product to bulk up your stools?

      1. WendyP

        It’s something I’m trying right now to help me feel full through the day. At home, I can graze sensibly, but my work schedule doesn’t always allow it, so I’m working through some solutions. It made me wonder if a fiber product had been/might be useful for you. But of course – you don’t want to be messing with the elimination diet & tracking.

        1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

          I talked with a friend who is a medical provider and she told me I am wrong. She said that diarrhea is a self-sustaining event and sometimes you do have to have help stopping it even if you’ve taken all the trigger foods out of your diet. So apparently I should look for Kayopectate. I am not feeling cheerful.

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