Day 16: two steps forward, three steps back

Breakfast: puffed rice cereal with rice milk and some turkey lunch meat.

Lunch: stir fry made with leftover rice, green beans, carrots, salt, pepper, leftover blueberry chicken, and olive oil. Remarkably tasty.

2nd lunch: rice cooked with vegetable broth (so technically tainted with onion powder) and turkey lunch meat.

dinner: rice cooked with vegetable broth (I read the fucking label after I dumped two cups in the rice cooker), turkey, grapes, and a little bit of egg.


5am-long, thing mostly formed. Pencil thin and brown.

5:50pm- REAL POOP. I POOPED. I POOPED!!! Ahem. Brown and formed and everything.

I spent this day feeling like shit. My whole body hurts. Massive headache. Joint pain. Stomach/abdominal pain. I suspect a lot of the pain is weight lifting but oh holy hell it is intense.

I’m going to give you a preview. I had one more “real poop” after midnight. Then for day 17 I woke up with truly wicked diarrhea. The kind that is entirely liquid and yuck and burning. I don’t think the egg agreed with me.