A long time ago I asked a friend to stop saying something to me. She refused to honor my request. We didn’t speak much for many years. Many years later she apologized because she hadn’t understood what that request was really about.

I feel like I’m in a similar situation again. And I don’t know what to do about it. I feel like maybe what will happen is I just won’t speak to this person for a long time. How long? I don’t know. I never know that kind of thing in advance. With some people I think it will be a short time then I never hear from them again.

Like J. She’s gone. I miss her so much. But her life is overly full. And I don’t want a life like hers so I haven’t talked to her in about a decade. Will I ever see her again? I don’t know. Probably only if I hunt really hard to find her.

The strange thing is, I have multiple people from middle school who keep up with me and track me down every so often. Even though they moved out of state. They want to still know me. It’s weird.

But I don’t know how to guess which relationships will last or why. Long, long ago I thought Jenny was done with me and she would never come back. I was wrong. She’s never really left. She’s just on a long rotation sometimes.

I don’t know how to trust people. A few weeks of silence often feels like years. Time distortion for the win. I think it is funny that multiple people today asked how the voting discussion went yesterday. It didn’t happen. Lots of enthusiasm, no desire to show up.

My feelings are so all over the place. I’m up and down and up and down and up and down. I’m getting vaguely threatening emails from Kaiser. I turned down going to see their psychiatry department and they don’t like that. I wouldn’t be completely shocked to have a police officer knock on my door to “check on me”. Which… on one hand is good… on the other hand… fuck you.

So many feelings. I will find out on Wednesday if I am supposedly “clear” to eat wheat and dairy. I so hope this works. I’m willing to drink a little snake oil if it firms up my poop so I can eat wheat. That’s fine with me.

I would do the poop transplant in a minute if it were available as a solution for me.

I found it weird that I *should not* have regular olive oil but cold pressed is dandy. Apparently the “regular” is treated with a chemical to make alllllllll the oil come out and that chemical isn’t actually great for people. Awesome!

I’m going to jump topic to describing what the doctor does a little. He puts this little strap around one arm, a little like a blood pressure cuff but worn below the elbow. That arm receives “the electrical impulse that matches the food”. The other arm you stick straight out and he tries to push it down.

It sounds so fucking crazy. But on some of them I could hold my arm up and some of them I couldn’t no matter what. He starts with arsenic because no one can hold their arm up and you don’t feel bad about the idea of being allergic to arsenic.

He moved on to a forking long list of things to try. And did you know how many little subchemicals exist in most of these things? I’m apparently “allergic” to like 6 different parts of milk. Most of those would be mostly helped by just drinking raw milk. $16 a gallon, here we come.

But he can break down the wheat problem too. Yes gluten, but apparently I have problems with multiple different proteins and binders other than gluten. And supposedly he can treat them all. He does them in layers checking for where your allergic reaction is in your body. Then he tap-tap-taps your back. It’s wacky and I feel kind of doubting… but I’ll try it.

It’s funny having a good doctor experience and a bad doctor experience in the same day.

I am in such a bad mood. I want to cry. I can stop taking birth control pills since they obviously aren’t helping me. I can stop taking almost all of the vitamins since I seem to have an issue with b vitamins. That’s kind of sunny.

Sadly, no problems with the fucking fish oil. Deep sigh.


Alas. We don’t get to write our own allergy list.

I should go do something else. But all I want to do is cry.

2 thoughts on “Cycles

  1. P.

    I’d like to write my own list too! You’re inspiring me to try harder on my digestive issues. Sometimes, I just don’t want to know. I take vitamins too but I test them and give up after a week or three. I don’t have the patience. My ex LOVED liquid vitamins. He had an IBS diagnosis and we theorized that the frequent diarrhea caused malabsorption (ti happens); liquid vitamins sometimes get absorbed better. They made him feel like superman but don’t really do anything for me.

    I read a theory that it’s actually the overexposure that might give some people reactions. (I can’t find it, but it was about corn or soy or something that is in absolutely everything.) Isn’t that tragic? So it might be the things that we like the most that end up causing the most misery.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      *nod* I have a friend with severe gluten intolerance and his theory is he ate *so much* as a kid (he grew up as a vegetarian and hit 6’7″…. that meant a lot of wheat) that he just can’t have it ever again.

      Bodies! They are a pain!

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