Day 19: still a roller coaster

Breakfast: GF pancakes made with rice milk, peanut butter, banana, maple syrup, grape juice, peppermint tea.

Lunch: fried rice with bell peppers, carrots, and venison, (I think cabbage too)

Dinner: carrots and cabbage stir fried with turkey and rice.


Apparently the cut tag thing isn’t working? Oh well.

3:30am–brown, mostly formed, not one “main” piece but several small firm-ish chunks.

7pm: little brown pellets. Like the rabbit poop! I’ve seen that on the chart! It is on the way to constipation but isn’t there.

(My experience of the next day’s results are this food is a-ok. I think the potato flour isn’t a problem. *phew*)

Today… I may eat a piece of regular bread. See how it goes, yo. I know I am not doing this as slow as some recommend. I need to test a few things before going to Hawaii, alright? Only four more sleeps!