Days 21 and 22 (whoops)

21 first- no pills

Breakfast: gf pancakes, banana, peanut butter, maple syrup

Snack: gf English muffin, peanut butter, raspberry jam

Dinner: soup made with turkey stock, turkey, venison, bok choy, soy sauce, green beans, carrots, bell pepper, celery

It was a festive pooping day.

2:30am- green/black, cloudy, not solid (blueberries!)

7:45am- formed poop, two logs

9:15am- three small brown pieces, very sticky and hard to wipe up

11:45am- yellow, multiple soft pieces that quickly dissolve

Day 22- took pot and fuck the rest of the fucking puke-inducing vitamins

Breakfast: gf pancakes, peanut butter, maple syrup, banana, grape juice, peppermint tea

2nd Brekkie: rice cereal, rice milk, maple syrup, turkey bacon

Lunch: two chicken soft tacos from Taco Bell with no cheese (I was told I could have wheat…) This was my first eating out in over three weeks. It tasted sinfully good.

Dinner: turkey soup (what a let down after the AWESOME of fast food)

3:30am- small yellow pieces, log shaped, smooth looking like toothpaste

? afternoon- small chunks but not real distinctive


So far the doctor of woo says that I am cleared for wheat (THIS IS SO EXCITING), sugar, and all cooking oils/fat. *phew* The dairy treatment didn’t take (and given how many sub-parts I am “reacting” to he says that isn’t surprising. If you are only “reacting” to one small part of something one treatment is often enough. If you react to every subcomponent it can take a couple of treatments.) so we redid it and I get to cross my fingers for Monday.

So I had wheat today. Let’s see how festive my poop is tomorrow. Awesome.

3 thoughts on “Days 21 and 22 (whoops)

  1. inflectionpoint

    Good luck with it. I’m glad you are getting some data from this. I hope it lets you get some relief.

    And omg, Taco Bell gives everyone the runs. I don’t know why.

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