Day 23

Breakfast: gf pancakes, strawberries, maple syrup, grape juice

Lunch: turkey soup and homemade smoothie: (orange juice I froze from our tree last year, blueberries, strawberries, banana, grape juice)

Dinner: we went out. It was glorious. We went to a Mongolian BBQ restaurant we love. I had lamb and chicken and bell peppers and cabbage and bean sprouts and carrots and I feel like there was at least one other vegetable. Pineapple out of a can. Wheat noodles. Soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar, a splash of bbq oil, I winked at the sweet and sour sauce but didn’t really add much. It tasted really good.

Yesterday I woke up at 1:30am with diarrhea. I assume Toxic Smell was getting even with me. It was so tasty I don’t care. It’s been a rough few weeks of sometimes having diarrhea but not getting to eat what I want.

At 9:50 am There was a long, on the thin side (but not pencil thin, closer to a normal log)paste-like log. So it is up and down in consistency.

I’m very likely to go off-plan this weekend. Unfortunately for you all, I will tell you all about my poop as a result. You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. inflectionpoint

    Yay! I hadn’t thought about it but Mongolian BBQ might work. It lets you assemble your meal from bits and pieces you put together, maybe you could make that work well?

    1. Pam

      Good idea! Just keep in mind that they add oil, and sometimes I’ve seen them add a sauce / soy sauce “for flavor” (if the cooks think you didn’t have enough), which apparently sometimes has wheat / gluten. (I just learned this from dinner last month.)

  2. P.

    The last time I saw him, my grandfather ate something and it made him vomit. Cream puffs, maybe. (My aunt is an ED for a community non-profit, they were leftovers from an event.) While his daughters were cleaning him up and fussing over him, he said that he should just not eat anything anymore.

    I have a number of food-related symptoms that I sometimes try to control and sometimes give up on. Whenever one makes me notice it, though, I channel my then-88yo-grandfather. I should just stop eating. (This happened this week, I ate an amazing pile of orange slices the candy and it was fabulous but then I could barely see and other symptoms for a few days. I did not stop eating, but I sadly watched the orange slices in the work kitchen.)

    All of this is to say, I’m delighted that you don’t seem to be saying you should give up food. I think that’s awesome.

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