I’ll catch up on data eventually.

I haven’t been able to talk myself into eating much today. I feel too awful. I’ve eaten breakfast and breakfast wasn’t big. But I’m managing to produce a very large amount of poop. I didn’t eat much yesterday either. Yesterday I ate: fried rice (about a cup), two gyoza, a bag of pineapple, a big chunk of sweet bread, half a turkey sandwich, and half a lemon loaf slice from Starfucks. And I spent the plane ride running to the bathroom for horrible diarrhea.

Today no diarrhea, but lots of solid poop. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY INTESTINES?!

But I’m pretty sure I should stop eating pineapple. My tongue feels like I’ve been licking a cheese grater.


My body feels so yucky. I’ve done very little today. I feel very ashamed of myself for doing little. But I feelĀ so bad.