Day 30

Breakfast: gf pancakes, blueberries, banana, maple syrup, peanut butter, grape juice, peppermint tea

Lunch and dinner: chicken soup

Dessert: almond milk ice cream (toffee flavor), err just a few bites. I’ve been working on the singular pint for a month now and it is only half gone.

2:45pm- solid, brownish/greenish, smooth, nearly a log. paste-like.

Today I am going to need to cook some lamb. I need a change from chicken and turkey. I feel like I am starting to go nutty because all of the sauce-type-things I use with meat seem to involve garlic and/or onions so I am not supposed to eat any of it right now. Dry meat is hard to chew and swallow. Even in soup meat is feeling dry and bleh. I want some flavor. Damnit.

Food is feeling really hard. But for the chance at less diarrhea… I have to keep trying. I’d like to have my butt stop hurting.

2 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. WendyP

    I forget, can you have much fruit? If so, you might be able to make a sauce-type-thing with fruit for the lamb. I’ve seen a number of recipes using dried apricots or pumpkin or apples or such.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      Fruit is a mixed bag. Clearly I need to be off pineapple. That hasn’t gone well. Apples are on my “no” list. Stone fruits are all things that I “should be careful of” while trying to figure out diarrhea stuff. Thing is–I can’t tell what “be careful” even forking means.

      The more fruit I have the looser my stool.

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