3 thoughts on “Good grief.

  1. RT

    Oof. As someone with a difficult name to spell (who married another one), I know how that can bite. Had one today, actually, from a dear relative who obviously adores me and my wife and managed to misspell her name once out of three times on the same stack of early Xmas presents. In my head: “You know me, you love me, we talk/email a lot, you have ways to find out how to spell my name if you’ve temporarily forgotten and it’s embarrassing to ask… but you apparently didn’t care enough.” I’m sorry if that is also what it feels like for you.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      I think a lot of what bugs me is: my name *isn’t hard to write*. It is a freakishly common name. And folks don’t care. I’m sorry your relatives aren’t very respectful either.

      Noah’s mom always writes my name wrong too. She writes it the way her sister does. Not. My. Name.

    2. WendyP

      Feh. My birth last name is difficult to say if you read it, and difficult to spell if you’ve heard it. My first married name was a breeze – it was weird *not* having to automatically explain it to everyone. Now I’ve got a difficult last name again. Not as bad for most people as my birth last name, but still. I’m back to automatically explaining it before people have a chance to screw it up.
      The best part is when other people who have difficult names screw mine up and blithely pass over my correction. Maybe they don’t care about people spelling/saying their names correctly either.

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