Kaiser continues to unimpress me.

Sigmoidoscopy. That’s the name of the procedure I experienced today, which makes me pretty unhappy because I thought I was going in for a colonoscopy. They decided not to give me one. They found lots of hemorrhoids inside and outside so now they want me on high fiber. They sent me home with the constipation diet regime. Because clearly constipation is my problem.

163/91 was my blood pressure, which is ridiculously high for me. I border on problems for low blood pressure. I’ve never seen my blood pressure higher than 125/85. They thought that was fine. Mostly my blood pressure hangs out in the 115/79 range. I go as low as 110/75. But it’s no problem if it goes super high. You are fine. The lady said I was just nervous and I had a laxative.

I am very grateful for my friends’ company today. They tried to tell her she couldn’t stay with me. I picked someone as forceful as me and between the two of us saying She Is Staying they relented. They told me that next time I can’t have anyone with me. I said then I will never have another procedure done at Kaiser.

Which is probably true. I am glad I got this testing done for a whopping $20.

I’ve been shaking all day. I feel like shit. I should eat now. But right this second I don’t feel like I can.