What I’m sending to member services this morning

Dear Member Services

Yesterday I went in for a procedure. I was not told in advance what procedure I was to be given. When I finally received an instruction set (after the appointment had to be rescheduled because I was given no prep instructions the first time) I looked up the preparation online. Looked like I was getting a colonoscopy–otherwise there would be no reason for three days of low fiber/eating practically nothing before the day of all liquids.
Yesterday when I got to the hospital they informed me I was not getting a colonoscopy. I was getting a sigmoidoscopy. Now that I have had a chance to come home and look up the difference between these procedures (and the expected preparation) I am completely furious. I feel mishandled and abused.
Why did I have to go through three days of practically not eating for a procedure that would only check 1/3 to 1/2 of my colon? That is not necessary. That is a terrible thing to do to me. And given the degree of problems with diarrhea I have, what I was just given was an incomplete exam such that I will have to go through this procedure again to check the rest of my colon.
I am so upset that I am crying and I haven’t stopped shaking in a day. I feel like Kaiser has demonstrated time and time again that they have no caring for their patients. As of January 1st I will no longer be a Kaiser patient and I will never come back in my lifetime. I’m tired of doctors treating me this way. This is entirely unprofessional, disgusting, and abusive.
Kristine Gibbs.


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  1. Michelle

    That’s really awful.

    When I had my colonoscopy I was given lengthy instructions and reminders. The prep was incredibly awful- more involved than the prep you have described so far (my prep was two or three weeks long, a day or two of fasting, and a gallon or so of evil cold snot-flavored laxative that I had to drink continously for a day), but I was fully sedated for the procedure and they did an endoscopy as well. It is concerning because your GI symptoms are worse than mine were.

    I got massively triggered right after my procedure and they didn’t know what to do- I was screaming in a hallway for a while before they brought Jonno in, but they were kind about it in that “politely turning a blind eye” sort of way and I don’t think it affected my medical care afterwards, especially since I had already warned them about my assault history. But afterwards I got a signed card from everyone in the practice.

    I’m really shocked that none of your doctors have been especially concerned about the color of your poop. If I was your doctor I would be much more focused on your stomach, liver, gall bladder, those sort of things. They did do the fecal occult test right? Its a very simple test where you poop on a piece of paper and they check for bleeding in your GI tract, on the other hand, any visible red blood from the hemorrhoids would obscure the results of that test. While the great majority of people with hemorrhoids have them due to constipation from low fiber diets, anyone who even glances at the records you keep should be able to intuit that they are caused by irritation from your bowel contents and frequency. That feels really weird to type.

    I’m full of advice if you want any because I find this all medically interesting and I remember the year of digestive misery I had before we figured out what was causing my stomach problems. I really hope you get some answers, relief, and competent doctors soon.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      As long as you don’t tell me I “should” do something I would love to hear everything you have to say about your experiences and what you have learned from research. Oh, if you mean “Research says that someone with x should do y” that isn’t the same thing as “Krissy you should stop this stupid elimination diet.” 🙂

      You have been very tactful through the years. I’m willing to bet your advice would be reasonable.

  2. Shelly

    Are you thinking about filing a complaint with the state? You might be able to just doctor up this letter so you have to do less work.

  3. Blacksheep

    Have I mentioned how much I loathe kaiser and don’t understand why people love it?

    I’m so sorry they are still jerking you around. If you go to a nice PPO in 2015 maybe you can get seen at Stanford and get some decent specialist attention.

    I’m furious on your behalf…

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