I need a biography.

So I’ll babble for a while. Every company wants a biography. I don’t know what to say.


Krissy Gibbs does not always make wise choices; this means she has really great stories to tell about near death experiences and which safety measures are actually necessary. Krissy had a bad childhood and tried every bad coping method at least once: drugs, sex, alcohol, self-harm, killing yourself, running away from your problems. As far as Krissy is concerned this means she has some great stories to tell, but maybe you should make your own choices for your life.

It is much easier to make good choices when you understand what has happened to other people who have made similar choices.

After barely surviving childhood Krissy decided it was a good idea to be retail service employee, and a library technician, and a food service employee, and a high school teacher, and a graduate student. Apparently suffering is just a lifestyle choice.

These days Krissy home schools her kids and tries to keep in touch with former students. She’s busy painting murals and trying to not lose her mind.


That is not fucking cheerful. Ha.

I’m not focusing. I don’t know what to say about myself. I think the above is shit.


As a kid Krissy fell through every crack in the system that is supposed to help poor kids with problems. This means she had a lot of time to examine these cracks up close and personal. At this point in time an uncountable number of medical professionals have told Krissy, “You should be dead.” This means she believes her survival to be nearly miraculous and she’d like to talk to you about how it has gone.

Krissy will not tell you what you should do; she doesn’t know. But she will tell you what she would do in a similar situation and then you can decide what is most appropriate for you.


Krissy is kind of a hard person to describe. Is someone defined more by what happens to them, their personality, or by what they do? Krissy has survived a lot of traumatic events and experienced the benefits of a lot of privilege. She is both kind and very willing to be unkind when there is a reason. She tries to do good for the world, but just about every action can have negative consequences.

How do you measure the worth of a person? Krissy hopes that this book will help other people experience less pain. That seems like the best thing a person can do–lessen how much pain is experienced in the world.


Krissy Gibbs has the unusual experience of being a high school drop out and a former high school teacher. This dichotomy of having the system not work combined with learning how to help other people navigate the system gives Krissy an unusual insight into the cracks that exist in the system.

Krissy moved more than fifty times before turning eighteen. She has lived in rural towns with one blinking yellow “stop” light and in major urban centers and everywhere in between.


Much like a cat, Krissy Gibbs has nine lives. S….

fuck this is hard.

I want to say bad things. I want to say Krissy is self-absorbed and self-obsessed and she desperately wishes that her ridiculous self-interest might pay off to help someone else some day.


That all took almost three hours. Pathetic.