Days 59-62

59- Brekkie: oatmeal, strawberries, banana, pecans, almond milk, sugar, tea

Lunch: gf bread, soy cream cheese, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, ham, grapes

Dinner: chicken lettuce wrap, chicken fried rice (whoops with egg), Mongolian beef with lots of green onions

Dessert: peanut butter mochi balls

3:45am- long ribbon of yellow poop, formed but thin, smooth like tooth paste

8am- small ribbon of medium brown poop

12:30pm- long, banana-like pieces, smooth, shaped, tooth pastey

60- Brekkie: gf bread, egg replacer, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, lactose free yogurt, sugar, tea, candy cane

Lunch: REO Speedwagon on gf bread with no mayo, rice stick thing

Dinner: chicken, broccolini, mashed potatoes (made with regular dairy)

3pm- long, solid log. brown. minor cracking because it is so firm!!!!

61- Brekkie: Noah-special French toast, yogurt, canadian bacon, maple syrup

Snack: peanut butter candy and banana

Lunch: lettuce, strawberry, parmesan cheese, bleu cheese, pecans, balsamic vinegar, chicken

Dinner: yellow curry with chicken and no onions, spicy green beans, pineapple fried rice, sticky rice

6am- solid, two pieces, banana shaped–a little thin

3:45pm- multiple pieces, mostly formed, clouded when flushed

62- Brekkie: canadian bacon, gf pancakes with blueberries and butter, black tea, sugar, regular pasteurized milk

Lunch: pineapple fried rice, yellow curry,

Snack: banana and peanut butter candy

Dinner: chicken soup, stock, carrots, bok choy, broccoli, roasted tomatoes, potato, celery, celery root, probably garlic, bell peppers, brussels sprouts

Dessert: three cookies. Definitely has egg.

10:45am- very solid brown log

1:15pm- solid poop, on the thin side but formed and brown


As far as I can see, that’s seven days in a row of reasonable poop. It’s like fasting for the procedure cleared out my system such that I can poop now. Weird.

2 thoughts on “Days 59-62

  1. inflectionpoint

    Well, they are problems to you, and that’s just as valid as if they were someone else’s problems.

    Someone else might not think that your problems were as big, or as small as their own. But they are still yours and still difficult to you. I worry that you will try to invalidate your own problems, because of comparison to someone else somewhere else, or some global situation.

    And both are true at the same time, and that breaks my own brain.

    Mushroom kit sounds interesting. How many mushrooms can you get out of it?

    1. WendyP

      I will reply about the mushroom kit, as I gave it to her because we had so much fun with ours 🙂

      I got a portabello kit about 4-5 years ago that cost maybe $30. I say this because I can tell you we definitely got our money’s worth in mushrooms! I have no idea now how much they weighed, but I remember checking at the time, and we definitely had more than $30 would have gotten us at the middle-of-the-road-for-our-town grocery store. Then when the kit was finished, we dumped it outside and forgot about it. Apparently we dumped it in a good place, because the mushrooms came back for 3-4 years. This year they gave up – I didn’t even notice till about halfway through the season. So while I was looking around for a new kit for us, I got some for friends as well.

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