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Shalyndra–my shrink was frustrated because when I get upset and bad things happen I get in a loop tape of thinking that I want to die and she is tired of it. She wants me to move on so she can feel more successful as a therapist.

If I could break that fucking loop tape my life would be very different.

Thus the accusations of “You like being like this.”

That isn’t all she was frustrated about though. She wants me to believe that me getting angry in public is the same as her demanding to bring her dog into restaurants. She doesn’t understand why that is a problem for people and she thinks that me getting angry is a similar kind of blind spot. I’m not seeing how much of a problem my behavior is for other people.

But I get stuck on:¬†it is god damn¬†illegal for you to bring your dog everywhere and me getting angry is *not* illegal. So the parallel isn’t working to show me how not ok getting angry is. Because if you are telling me that I have as much right to anger as dog owners have to bring their dogs with them everywhere they go… we have a problem.

That’s not ok.

3 thoughts on “Answering comment

  1. Inflectionpoint

    That’s hard. Is it possible you need to work with a different shrink?

    Because that analogy is fucked. Sorry.

    P.s. When people complain and whine and carry in enough, they often manage to browbeat restraints into allowing digs even tho it’s illegal. So yeah. Analogy. Fucked.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      I feel like my shrink had an off day and made an analogy that didn’t work. Overall I feel like I have a positive relationship with her and it is nearly impossible to find specialists in my field.

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