So much to do

I woke up this morning mentally composing a letter to a publishing company (I’ve spent weeks reading books from their catalogue–I think I would fit in very well with what they sell) and mentally composing how I will talk to the next doctor I try to see and thinking about a conversation I need to have with a friend. All of that full speed ahead at 5am.

I am most of the way through travel planning for the trip this year. I have driving distances and camp sites found for the entire journey. I have back up plans for every plan. I have several spots in the trip where I have extra days that can be absorbed forward or back if they have to. I’m leaving lots of places where I can change my mind and just come home. I’m even giving Noah’s family the option of possibly having more time if they want it because I have other time kind of spent on camping that doesn’t have to be spent that way.

I’m getting close to having as full of a social calendar as I’m going to have for this year. That’s kind of… whoa. On January 1st that feels intimidating. But it will be good if I can learn to say “no” to all the last minute stuff that will come up. Lots of other stuff will be offered. I am very close to what I can sustain. I can’t add much more and keep up the pace I have set. I need to save spoons. I need to not extend myself. I need to not do much for other people outside my house. If that means I’m selfish… well that happens. I’m selfish. I have stuff I want to do and I can’t do it if I am constantly distracted by what other people want to do.

Looking at the calendar, I will probably make 15-20 dinner dates over the next six months that aren’t currently scheduled and 3-6 play dates that aren’t on the calendar right now. Otherwise… I’m not sure I’m adding anything.

That feels pretty good. I can stop looking frantically around me for people to meet my needs. I’m doing pretty freakin’ well.

I may schedule a “going away” party for two or three weeks before we leave. That will be a last-ditch way to see people before running away for half a year. We’ll see. I won’t decide that till April or May.

April is the only month of this year that doesn’t look mostly fully booked.

If I can keep all the balls in the air everything will go fine. Ha. Ha. Ha.