Scripts are ready.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want to say for two conversations today. I have my goals in mind. I’ve worked on tone of voice. I know some directions I would like the talks to go, but not being able to predict the other side, I’ve prepared a number of different possible responses. There are many ways to win here and only a few ways to lose.

I want to a) talk about my feelings b)talk about my actions c) talk about actions I am worried I will take in the future and figure out how to avoid the impending explosion.

For me to explode at someone is never THEIR fault (even if they said or did a dick-thing, it’s still my choice how I react) but there are situations in which I am more likely to fail and I will fail in that direction. I am predictable, sadly. If I see all the signs coming it is my duty and my duty alone to try to head it off at the pass.

I am hopeful that this will resolve in a way that relieves the stress and pressure I’ve been feeling for months. I don’t do well with limbo and unspoken “communications”.

One way or another I will be out of my misery in 5.5 more hours. Maybe my stomach will stop hurting. At least for a day. Then I can start cycling on the fact that I need to go meet a new doctor. The fun never ends.


One thought on “Scripts are ready.

  1. inflectionpoint

    Good luck. I hope it goes as well as it can. I think you are awesome for talking directly about things with people. Most folks are chickenshit cowards about this stuff, with BAD results.

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