Optimism may be foolish.

Calli slept through today. She hasn’t really eaten. That’s what Shanna did on Sunday. Calli doesn’t have a fever, but she has the sniffles and she coughs once or twice an hour. (Which impacted her sleep last night, which I suspect is related to sleeping all day.) Yet I spent the day packing for Disneyland. I may be an idiot. I should probably cancel. Only Shanna is back to 100% and she’s bouncing off the walls with energy and has been for days.

The internet tells me that sniffles aren’t a reason for quarantine. Not after that many days of being mostly up and ok. Fever is a continued quarantine. I think I’m going to bring hand sanitizer even though normally I don’t use it at all. I feel guilty already.

No, I don’t think we have the measles. I think we had some kind of flu/cold and it has been festive. I’m feeling very guilty about bringing more germs into the petri dish.

If they still had fevers I would call it now. With just a runny nose and coughing and tired… no. She’ll be well before Monday and we aren’t going into the park till Tuesday. She will be fine and fucking pissed if we are at home.

Other than worrying a lot about the ethics of bringing a cold to Disneyland I’m having a good day. I’ve done a lot of puttering/cleaning and I’m happy about the improved status of my dresser. A week of staying home for illness does a lot to reset my spoon quota. Even though I’m down 12 hours of baby sitting this week. The kids have been very self-contained during illness.

I arranged cat sitting/plant care with our dear baby sitter. She’s happy to not go two weeks without getting paid at all. What a crappy sentence.

I have put in calls to the city trying to figure out why we need a decorative addition to the outside of our house if we remodel. The call back told me to call a different number. I left more messages. If we need to do that then we should talk to the contracting company about things to take off their to-do list. We’ll just have to wait on some pieces of it. We can’t just let the price climb higher and higher. Time to negotiate.

Ugh. Just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.

Ok. I won’t think about that until I hear back from the city and I’m back from Disneyland. Distraction. Maybe I’ll go read. I’m mostly packed. I’ve even mostly loaded the van. I put a bunch in the skybox before the rain started because I’m a Californian and I melt in the rain. Have to get work done before it starts.

I’m having a good day. And Pam is on her way over after more than a month off. I think she’s a bit nutty for coming to our sick house.