Not the center

Sometimes a reminder that I’m not the center of peoples lives is useful. I’m not the reason people do or don’t do things. I’m just standing there.

Today went much better than I expected. Phew. I needed a better day with the home school group.

Apparently the remodeling company’s vice president is pretty unhappy that I want to cancel the contract because I’m pissed about how I’m being treated. He was apologetic in Noah’s direction. I ducked the meeting. He offered ways of making it all better.

Delays happen. I have never expressed anger at the people in the company I have simply expressed that I would like things to move along. When the response is “Well it’s your fault” that’s a problem.

Yes, some of the delays have been my fault. It is true. It is not my fault the first contract was stolen out of the car of the first project manager. I’m not saying it is your fault. I am saying it happened. Can we talk about delays without you leaping to saying that it is all my fault? Clearly it is not accurate that all of the delays are my fault.

Unless you are implying that I broke into the car and stole the contract? How would this serve my ends?

It isĀ not my fault that my project manager left the country for a month. Don’t god damn act like everything is all my fucking fault. Fuck you very much.

So they are fired. I get to deal with this when I get back. Oh. Joy. Can’t. Wait.

Grr and whine and fuss. It’ll get done. Eventually. I’m a tight fisted bastard anyway and I’m not that sad about delaying the expense. I’m sad that we will be breathing black mold indefinitely.

Houses are a giant pain in the ass. No I can’t just fix the mold. It involves taking the walls and flooring apart. If I have to gut the bathroom… I need to just do the whole bathroom.

Houses! Oh man!