The end of an era.

The girls now have their own rooms. I have divided up their stuff. There are still a few layers of sorting… but basically we are done. No more shared giggles to sleep.

It seems way too soon.

But goodness it will be useful to have separate rooms for them to go to. Sometimes we need cool off space.

I pushed too hard. My body hurts.

3 thoughts on “The end of an era.

  1. WendP

    I totally get needing Separate Rooms to Go To. Michael and I have our own rooms. Part of it is because we both snore like freight trains, part of it is because we typically have very different sleep/wake schedules. But really? Especially with my MIL living here as well, we each need a door we can close on everyone else sometimes. With the added bonus that if I have my own room, I’m not constantly trying to “clean” his stuff up and reorganize it.

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