Mad Max: Fury Road review

There will be spoilers. If you don’t like such things, don’t read this post.

Well. It’s not a feminist movie. That was my first thought. I saw what people meant in a few cases–when we first spot the wives and they are dressed in diaphanous white and washing themselves with water… it is tastefully done. That scene easily could have been masturbation masquerading as hygiene and the director didn’t do that. Thank you.

It’s not a feminist movie. Why? Because other than “get away” the women… are still not acting that much. Sure, Furiosa is an Imperator and she breaks the wives out of jail. Whoopee?

This is not Furiosa’s movie. I’m not sure whose movie it is. I barely find out Furiosa’s back story and I’m supposed to root for her because she is the “tough and gritty woman” and that’s not enough for me.

I was glad that women were allowed to be as bad ass as they were in this movie. The older women cackling about all the people they’ve offed… I can see why some folks see it as a feminist movie. There is definitely a huge swath of “Bad Ass Women” running through the film.

But they live in a man’s world where the only recourse they have is to kill a lot of people. And pray they are still alive in a few more days.

In my opinion, a feminist telling of this story would have started later in the story. It would not have ended when the women arrived back at the Citadel with the seeds.

A feminist story would have been what comes next? How are they going to rebuild? What are the women going to do now that they are not compelled by a monster to murder or fuck at his command.

Furiosa and the wives do act and I don’t want to denigrate that. I won’t say that they are not feminists. But it isn’t a feminist movie. This is a movie made so that they can have car steering wheels pop out towards the audience during gnarly guitar riffs.

I’m not saying feminists never like guitar riffs. I’m not saying feminists never like seeing car steering wheels pop towards their faces.

The movie is not made with the goal of increasing equality between the genders. Not really. You see that the women can be nasty, violent and mean like the men… whoopdee shit. Was there actually doubt?

I learned nothing new. I did not grow. I do not feel energized as a woman nor as a feminist. I feel tired. Things will never get better. In the far distant future women will still be reduced to being the most base of animals trying to protect their right to procreate when and with whom they choose.

It’s not a feminist movie.

Yes, there were some gnarly fight scenes. I already have PTSD and a central nervous system damaged by excessive adrenaline and cortisol. The fight scenes just made me feel kind of sick. There were “exciting” moments.

I watched this movie and thought, “Either we can kill the people on top or kill ourselves and there aren’t really other options that allow you to make choices.”

It’s not a feminist movie. I want other options. I want to have other options in life than kill or be killed. Rape or be raped.

I want something different.

One thought on “Mad Max: Fury Road review

  1. inflectionpoint

    I’d love to see a movie that will never be made about the Truth and Reconciliation committee in their world, sitting down to work through how the hell they are all going to live together after the current bad guys have been killed.

    That movie won’t be made because talking and process and figuring out how the hell to live together is not as screen friendly as car chases and shit blowing up. It just isn’t marketable, which is sad.

    I think that MM is the closest thing to feminist friendly film that we’re going to get offered right now in a major film release. The bar has been set very low. There are people who think the Bechdel test is a real test, and not a commentary on how messed up film is that it’s a rarity for there to be two named women characters who talk to each other – the Bechdel test isn’t a test to pass. It’s a criticism of how messed up things are.

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