I did it!

I am so proud of me. After calling mechanic after mechanic and being told no… I was whining on Twitter. An internet buddy said, “Maybe I can walk you through the fix.” That caused me to think… I HAVE REWIRED BUILDINGS. WHAT AM I AFRAID OF?!

So we went to the hardware store, bought parts and now everything is fixed and it is better than it was before. Now the wire doesn’t need to be wrapped around and around so it will get pinched. Perfect.

I’m feeling a little bad ass for solving my own problem.

Bought new nuts too. Cause that’s easy. The light is reattached and works just fine.

Before we leave the hotel I am going to fill my ice chest with ice. Then we go to a grocery store to pick up perishables for the trip to Yellowstone.

Do you know what has turned out to suck a lot? The plug in ice chest. The car isn’t running very many hours a day and you *can’t* put ice in it. I don’t have access to plugs at most of our camp sites. So I seriously regret this purchase. I regret it so much that at some point I may give it to someone as we travel and buy a damn ice chest. This is not working well.

But if that is one of my biggest problems… I’m doing great. I am feeling excited and competent.

4 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Pam

    thinking aloud: You can’t put ice in it, which means I assume, newly bought cold ice. Because at first I was going to say that I used blue ice for my travels. But if your blue ice doesn’t stay cold in your no-longer refridgerating fridge, that doesn’t help. And that’s why new cold ice is preferable.

    Does your ice chest plug into the wall? When you are housed?

    I was only one person, so I was very different. But my cold planning went like this: Several pieces of blue ice. And many bottles of water. Both of these would go into friends’ freezers when I stopped for the night. The remainder of the perishables found room in their fridge. I used singled bottles of water because they were dual-purpose, and smaller than the biggest blue ices.

    I think you might have too much food to take full advantage of this idea. But that’s what I did with my one-adult perishables, if it helps. If you had giant freezer bags, or enough large sized tupperware, you could put the new-bought ice in them so that meltwater doesn’t go everywhere, but that seems like a *lot* of work and probably not worth the time. .

    mwah. LOVE! Still jealous of you.

    1. Pam

      Oh, you just said that your campsites don’t have plugs. Okay nvm. One last thought though, if I recall correctly you’re traveling through boonie national park areas. The East Coast and Southern Strips have a ton more people and plugs. Something to take into consideration as you leave America’s nature playgrounds.

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