The KOA is A-Ok with us.

You know what? I hear people sneer about the KOA system because it isn’t “real” camping. It isn’t primitive camping. Right this minute I am totally thrilled with that. Instead of being I’m a bad ass butch camper I am able to keep milk cold. I can live with access to a plug. And wifi, see here I type at you. While the kids play at the playground. I like this set up.

Now I get to tell you about the Yellowstone trip that wasn’t. It’s not actually that exciting of a story.

The last two nights of being in a set location has been great. I am knocking myself out so I can catch up on sleep. It’s a good thing. Sleep gets into really vicious cycles for me. Either I can’t sleep and I can’t catch up on sleep and I can’t get out of the insomnia cycle… or I’m doing ok and even I can’t understand why I often have sleeping problems. Two nights in a row of sleeping well plus good solid naps and I feel a lot better. Fewer racing thoughts. Less feeling crazy and unsafe.

I’m enjoying Wyoming. The weather is hot. The folks are nice enough. We aren’t being very social this time. That’s weird for me–traveling without talking to new people is outside my MO. Usually I’m all about making new friends. This time I’m just not. I’m too tired. I don’t have the energy to try and be social. I don’t care.

I’m feeling cranky and sad because the kids really want to write post cards to the folks in the home school group with whom I’m having problems. The kids are asking, “Why can’t I write to ____?”

I don’t want to talk about it. But we can’t. Their parents decided that things had to come to a head right now and the result is we can’t send post cards to the kids. I’m sorry.

We are trying to write post cards to other folks. It’s not like we are running short on people we know. But the kids are focusing on the three families I am not going to write to. Awkward.

I’m tired.

5 thoughts on “The KOA is A-Ok with us.

  1. Denise

    Ha! All the people that say KOA isn’t camping should see how we camp at Pennsic. We have access to electricity across the street and in our camp, we have a kitchen sink, a shower and a bathtub. Oh, and this year we are getting an old fashioned icebox.

    I’m glad I get to follow your adventures via this blog 🙂

  2. WendP

    KOA was the last “camping” I did, and is too rustic for me anymore. I might be able to get away with sleeping on the ground (bad for back, knees, shoulders), but I gotta have indoor plumbing. And with M’s various medical issues, the plumbing issue is even more important. I also have a terrible time with the noise at campgrounds – people are packed in too tightly and I can’t sleep with all the activity and noise. I’ll stick with the Motel 6, thanks.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      😀 I travel with my own toilet because I can’t deal with not having access to a toilet when I say so. At one hotel I asked the guy if the trailer was likely to be stolen and he said, “If you have anything that a teenager will think looks interesting they might pick that up but we don’t see a lot of vehicle theft around here.” I said, “The only thing not locked down is a toilet. If they want it they can have it.” Dude laughed so hard he almost fell over. I didn’t think it was that funny.

      I feel like it isn’t actually real loud. Like there hasn’t been a total of 4 hours over 6 days where I’ve wanted to tell people to shut up. That’s feeling decadent.

    2. P.

      I stayed at a KOA where I had a cabin (did not sleep on the ground) and there were shared toilets. It was, however almost as loud as my urban home.

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