Once in a while I’m smart.

Staying in the same hotel for two nights in a row was wise. I feel a lot better. I no longer have the alternating feverish/chills feeling. I’m super happy that has abated. Bathroom stuff is going to be festive for the whole trip. I finished off my bottle of Kaopectate and I should buy more. It isn’t burning though and that’s good enough.

I didn’t scream once yesterday! See, genuine rest helps me be more patient! I’m so proud of me.

Ok, that’s pathetic.

But today we push on to Duluth. We’ll get there around dinner time. It’s less than 4 hours of driving and we have to get on the road around 11. No trouble. Easy peasy.

I am deeply grateful I have the financial means to stop and rest when I think I need to. I feel so grateful for the layers of privilege I have now. I can buy food that sound bearable. Thank goodness.

I keep feeling like, “This is haaaaaaaaaaaard” but it is a hard of my own making and design. I can push through. I’m getting what I want out of this. I’ll be able to say I did it forever. I’m finding out more about what I like and don’t like about my country.

I feel completely horrified by how often I see Confederate flags flying. My country is a truly divided place. We aren’t even sure we want to be part of the same country.

Have to be out of here in 20 minutes. I should go grease the hitch. Damnit. Don’t wanna.