Slowly getting through chores.

Went to the drug store, dry cleaners, and hardware store. Got anti-diarrheal medication, dropped off all bedding for cleaning, and got lock tight. Now I need to go do the next step on the trailer. Ugh. Don’t wanna!

Tonight we are going to a concert in a park. As a result I’m not staying that busy today. Tomorrow the van goes in for servicing. Not sure how that’ll work out but it’ll be fine. Today we need to clean up the van and get it more organized. It’s kind of a mess.

I’m feeling amused that me and the kids are attacking piles of meat like it is going out of style. Apparently we are feeling like we need protein. We can skip just about anything else right now, give us bloody steak. Mmmmm. Apparently, my friend keeps a mostly vegetarian house and because I’m stupid it didn’t occur to me that the folks in Minnesota would be vegetarians so I bought steak. Shit. Shit. Shit. I wouldn’t make that mistake in California. I ask people about meat.

She said she isn’t a real vegetarian she just doesn’t cook meat in the house and her kids don’t like meat. So she wasn’t mad. She was happy to eat the steak I cooked… her kids didn’t try one bite. Ok, no biggie. We like meat.

Put the lock tite on. Fixed nuts, attached bumper stickers, and did a food inventory. I done did work.