This weekend was active. I don’t know how my friend can do that on the weekend then go work all day. I’m crispy fried tired.

Maybe this is related to my shrink telling me that in her opinion I will never be able to hold a full time job again?

I have stock going. We are having soup for dinner. Buddhist vegetarian soup. Which is to say, made with meat stock but with no meat in it because that is the level of “vegetarian” the house keeps to.

Everyone gets to be different. No, they aren’t Buddhist. But I first heard about “meat products are fine but not the flesh” from a friend who was describing her parents, who are Buddhist.

In my head this is now a thing. There’s vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, Buddhist vegetarians, and omnivores.

And I’m totally cool with going with people to where they are. I just need to be told. So I’m making Buddhist vegetarian soup.

I’m not sure why I feel so flattened. I feel like I got hit with a brick. Being in the sun too much? We did go out three separate times this weekend. We were outside playing in the water/hanging out near the park for at least 10 hours split up over two days and three outings.


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  1. WendP

    Could you give a bit more detail about the Buddhist vegetarianism? I’m not quite getting it, but I’m intrigued.

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