My body hates me.

This one will be all gross and stuff. Like I do.

I stayed in Duluth long enough to get back to solid poop. That was very exciting after weeks of diarrhea. It wasn’t like, “normal poop” but it was formed and I was satisfied with that. Well, today it is back to full on liquid. I hurt. My belly is clenching and churning and HURTS.

This on top of my neck, arms, and back hurting like a motherfucker. I’m driving along crying because it hurts. Which is not so fun.

Headache. I’ve had a headache for days. I kind of want to just chop it off.

Right now I’m guessing that part of this is the heat cycling. My body is flipping the fuck out. I hurt and hurt and hurt.

But the AirBnB hosts have WiFi that the iPad can pick up (haven’t been able to use Netflix since Grandpa’s house) so the kids think this place is dandy.

Ugh. I feel like I should go do something fun. But I want to puke.