I can swear here.

I posted something on the kid blog to reflect the adventure we’re having. Then I come over here where I can say FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCKING FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Can’t say that on the kid blog. Not kosher.

So, for those who haven’t gotten frantic texts and for those who don’t read Twitter, let me catch you up on today’s excitement.

We were driving from Milwaukee to Kankakee, which is near Chicago. We pulled off the highway into a Home Depot parking lot because I wanted some scrap lumber for a thing. Turns out they had no scrap lumber. What the fuck?

Anyway. As we are pulling into the parking lot I hear a horrifying noise and I stop and jump out and look…

The wheels are not under the bed where they are supposed to be. One is where it belongs. The other is… kind of trailing behind. Oh shit.

That’s bad. I pulled the trailer out of the main part of the road and blocked a bunch of parking spaces. That maneuver shredded my tire.


Ok. I called AAA. It took them four hours to come get us.

The kids played on the grass like the delightful wonderful children they are. I am so fucking lucky my kids are so awesome.

The tow truck driver didn’t really know what he was doing. That was… hilarious. And it’s Sunday so almost everything is closed anyway. Eventually after driving around to several shops some were closed, some turned us away cause they don’t do that kind of repair, we found a place and dropped the trailer off. It’ll be fixed in the morning. I hope.

But the bikes are locked to a post in the Home Depot parking lot because they won’t tow a trailer with anything on it. 100% of the other stuff is in the van. Which makes it kind of hard to get at anything. I’m frustrated.

I don’t know if they will be able to fix the axel. There is the distinct possibility that trailer is just dead. I do not have separate insurance on it. I do not know what I’m going to do.

I will wait till the morning and find out what my options are. I can’t make a decision right now. But I’m taking a fuck ton of medication right now. I’m wired for sound.

The first several hotels only had smoking rooms available.

When we got here, 12 hours after we left Milwaukee I looked so fucking fried the nice lady at the registration desk gave me a discount on the room because she feels bad that anyone has a day like this. Thanks. That’s really sweet of you.

On one hand… it was a stressful day. On the other hand… at worst I’m out a few thousand dollars.

And I’m not in a position where that will cripple me. And I kind of want to cry about that.

I’m not sure why I’m feeling so upset that none of these financial problems are a problem but I’m really upset. I feel like a shitty person because my problem will just slow down the rate I will pay off my house. I really want it paid off in two years. Might take three if I hemorrhage money.

That feels really bad right now and I don’t know why. I’m really tired.