I’ll catch y’all up

Noah is here! I am much less interested in writing. Instead I am petting him and asking him to rub my back.

The trailer is fixed! This is very exciting.

Uhm… stuff. Chicago pizza is good. I like it best with more meat. However much meat you want to put on it, add some more.

My diarrhea is improving since I wised up on the corn syrup. I’m not pooping like a normal person (I compare my poop to my children and feel so much envy.) but things are improving.

We had a five minute long thunder and lightning storm with hail. Yay Chicago?

Noah flies out tomorrow. I’m glad we get to see him so much in August. We won’t see him in September.

I have some good specific points for revising Outrunning Suicide to be distinctly more inclusive. I’m excited about that.

Oh, I need to go make another post. I’ll do that. On Tuesday we drive out of here early and head to MichFest. After all these years I’m finally going.