May I pay you for your opinion?

Howdy! I hope you were sent to this blog post from Twitter or by a friend. My name is Krissy. I’m a writer. Right now I’m working on my second book. It is titled Outrunning Suicide and it is aimed at kids (roughly 12-20) who are experiencing trauma.

I’m a cis-gendered white woman. That means I have had very particular experiences of the world. I am not capable of taking off the blinders of my life and seeing the path that other people are walking.

I’m aware of this. But I’d like this book to be useful for people who aren’t cis-gendered white people.

I am queer but it has never been a problem for me. I grew up around a tolerant community and that part of my identity has never been a spot of friction. I know it has been different for other people.

If you fall into a group that is often poorly represented, is there a chance I can pay you to read this book and give me your opinion? I understand that many people in marginalized communities are often expected to work for free. I think your time and your opinion are worth something.

I would cheerfully pay $50 for the first 10 people who want to read the book and send me an email talking about the pieces that work and don’t work for them. (Have to set a cap now because my bank account is not limitless.)

I will cheerfully pay more money if I can meet up with you at some point in real life and hear what you actually have to say. There is nothing that can compare to the experience of listening to people say, “This phrasing is hurtful to me” because if you say it to my face I will not be able to forget it. When things are in writing it is hard to truly understand the emotional impact you are having on other people. In person interactions are far more valuable to me so I will pay you more for your time.

I hope that sounds reasonable. If you are interested in doing this, my email is somethingdifferent AT that gmail place.

My goal is to self publish this book in the year 2016 and start figuring out how to distribute it. I would really appreciate any help that anyone can give.


Thank you.