Putting my judging pants on.

I don’t care if your kid is 8 years old and thus “legally” able to ride without any kind of assistance in a car. If your 8 year old is smaller than my 4 year old… buckle the kid into a seat. Not a booster, a car seat.

I have judgment.

4 thoughts on “Putting my judging pants on.

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      Is this where I tell you that the 5 year old, who is the size of my kids and your kids at about 2 years of age (small family) is in a no-back booster?

      1. Blacksheep

        Gah. I swear, people are so resistant to “doing what they are told” that they push back just for the sake of pushing back, and don’t think one iota about WHY car seats and boosters are required at certain ages, and why they might continue to be useful beyond the legal requirements.

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