So. Forking. Expensive.

My first impression of Washington DC is crying because of how expensive it is. I thought I would be “smart” and book an AirBnB place because it is cheaper than a hotel and we can have a kitchen and… I thought I was SMART!

I’m not smart. It wasn’t until it was too late to cancel the booking that I noticed… no parking. Then I looked around DC. Oh. My. God. The only two possible options were the airport which would have been a nightmare because it is 6 miles away and getting a spot that holds the van and the trailer… good luck. The other option is at the central bus/train depot. They have RV parking. It’s $50/day-night. That sounds horrible, right? Wait. It gets better. The trailer counts as a separate vehicle. So that’s $100/day-night.

I cried. I had a huge panic attack and kind of flipped out a little. IT TAKES UP ONE PARKING SPACE WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO PAY DOUBLE.

Oh god.

So that was my introduction to DC.

As we walked around later my Eldest Child actually fucking said, “Why does everyone look so glamorous? No one looks like crap.”

I almost fell to the ground I was laughing so hard. Oh child. You rock my world. Thank you.

We ordered cupcakes for the birthday of younger child. Yay!

So tired. Want to sleep. Thud.