The day improved because my kids are awesome.

We left the apartment around noon and got back at about 5:30.

First we wandered down to the market in this building and bought some groceries. That makes me feel more secure. I feel like an idiot because we didn’t need the food I bought. But it made me feel better and we will eat it.

As we were walking we passed a coffee shop. Eldest Child said, “Wait… is that a coffee shop?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “Do you think they would tea with caffeine? Would that help you since you don’t have meds?” OH MY GOODNESS CHILD YOU ARE THE BEST THING EVER BORN AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Yes, caffeine would help and yes they have some in a form I will enjoy consuming. Thank you for your suggestion. Oh that was so awesome. (Later she commented on the fragrance of the tea. Oh she makes me happy.)

Then we went to a “park”. That is in square quotes because really it was just an open stretch of grass with benches in between streets. It was a grassy island in between traffic. Doesn’t matter, we can run and scream anywhere. The kids had a great time getting to know the local homeless crew, like we do.

Then we wandered towards a farmers market and bought nectarines and cucumbers. Because it makes me feel better about myself.

Then we realized… oh. That building right there? That’s the White House. Let’s get closer! Then we were kicked out of the park and I’m not sure why. (It wasn’t just us. The whole park was cleared and the police doing it seemed irritated that they were asked to kick us out.)

So we wandered over to buy some water. Because I was silly and forgot a water bottle.

Of course we spent this time handing nectarines to homeless people and chatting with them. Like we do.

Then we made it to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Because fuck yeah. Due to the fact that I had to carry everything a long way I bought fewer books than usual. Just the very best. Spent hours wandering around in there talking about art. It was really neat and fun to ask them why they think artists made different choices.

Then we walked towards the apartment and the kids saw an Ethiopian restaurant. If my children can see and recognize and request Ethiopian food my answer is yes. Yes. YES! While we were eating a random homeless woman came by and set up in front of the restaurant to beg for money. I went out and asked her if she wanted to join us for a meal. She said she wasn’t hungry so we talked for a few minutes. In the end she cried and thanked me for noticing her. No problem.

The food was spicy as fuck and so good I almost cried.

Then we came home and have been on our screens. I told the kids that the screens are being turned off at 10 pm. No arguing.

Noah gets on a plane crazy late tonight. He has to take a cab here tomorrow. I feel guilty but the parking situation is ridiculous.

AND!!! Thanks to the ever-wonderful Sarah I now have babysitting lined up for this weekend. Eight hours of it.

Ok, DC is going better. Thank goodness.