I haz big feelings

I need to go to sleep but my mind is racing. I’m so tired. Today was quite an adventure. I had us packed up and ready to roll out at 8am. That’s pretty good from a camp site. But my van wouldn’t go into gear. Cue panic.

I call lots of people (including AAA–Thanks Pam!!!) to ask for advice. Is it the transmission? Is it an electrical problem? AHHHH!

By noon the car was fixed. It was a fuse. The dude who fixed it wouldn’t even let me pay him. He got the part from pick a part. Ok then.

We didn’t get out of Phoenix till 2pm with various other errands and sundries. I got into my hotel room at 10:30. (There was a time change too.)

I think I’m partially having trouble sleeping because in the past week or two we’ve hopped time zones and seen daylight savings change. So I feel weird. But it keeps getting earlier so I should feel tired. I don’t get it.

Ack. We are in San Diego. Tomorrow we are going to Legoland. Squee.

One thought on “I haz big feelings

  1. Pam

    love you too!
    I was calling up my potential road trip buddy list while I waited for you. I feel safer that you have AAA. Wasn’t so critical today but I’ve had friends (oh and myself) need to call AAA after dark and it’d be less fun without them. <3

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