Looking forward to today

My friend offered to take the kids to the dentist so I don’t have to drive twice this week. How awesome with a side of groovy is that?! She slept over because they have to leave at 7:15. That’s devotion right there.

I was maybe a trifle stupid in terms of “resting” because yesterday I spent a lot of time crawling around the arbor putting up Christmas lights. Now when I look out into my backyard I see a brightly lit area. This is my favorite part of winter. Sparkly lights. I didn’t put any on the front of the house. I ran out of steam and I don’t actually care that much about other people seeing the lights. I’m not doing this for other people. I’m doing it because I want to wake up and sit down in the morning to look out at the lights and let that giddiness fizz in my belly.

I’m home. And it’s Christmas.

Today I will rest a lot. And do mild, gentle exercise like a walk and stretching.

do want to feel better.

One thought on “Looking forward to today

  1. inflectionpoint

    Yay for sparkly lights that you can see during the dark times. That’s one of my favorite things as well. We leave sparkly lights up on the patio year round. So pretty!

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