Neighborly moments

Well, I ran into the kid I tried to hire as a mother’s helper a few years back. I apologized. I should have stopped being angry much faster. It was immature of me to hold on to it so long. Kids screw up.

Another neighbor came over to chat and let me know he’d still like to fuck me. I told him I don’t fuck people who are so old they might die on top of me.

I think I’m going to have to get way more aggressive about telling him to back off. He’s starting to really bother me.

4 thoughts on “Neighborly moments

  1. RT

    Um, that dude is way out of line. You’ve told him no (at least) twice now, it sounds like… for a request that most people would consider inappropriate to make to a neighbor even once in the first place. WTH is he thinking?

  2. Blacksheep

    Age isn’t an excuse for being predatory. I had a 70 year old man stick his tongue in my ear one time when I was about 24. Fuck you, you creepy bastard.

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