Some drips

I’m never sure why masturbation makes me think about humanity. Why do people do what they do?

Are men so afraid of being laughed at because, historically speaking, a man who was “less than” wasn’t going to get to pass his genes on. So we mostly have representation of folks who were particular about their dignity? I’m never sure.

I’ve been thinking a lot about articulated joints and connections.

What makes things work? What makes things move together properly?

I get these fantastic visions of monkey-spheres touching through connections. Connected at the corner of each weird-ass community.

What makes you so “normal” anyway?

I don’t even know.

I don’t know why humans are so convinced that the way to solve our problems is to fight or kill one another. Even if you hate someone, surely they can be allowed to live out of your sight?

Is banishment the same thing as a death sentence? It depends on who you are.

For creatures as social as me, perhaps banishment is death. Who knows. But I was cast out. I took that as a reason to go find my own.

My own means people who don’t need to be bound by tradition. Bound by what worked for your parents.

Maybe we need something different.