Squeek. Joy.

One of the women I met on the trip wrote to ask me for advice about handling money stuff. She has some specific big goals and she isn’t sure how best to get there.

Holy. F’in. Shit.

Yes. I’ll talk to you about your plans. Oh, hell yes.

Thank you for asking me. I feel honored that you consider me worthy of asking about this topic.

And I will not gush all over you in email because that’s kinda creepy. I have a sandbox for that.

Holy. F’in. Shit. She wants my advice.

Holy shit holy shit holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.


Of course before I give one word of advice I start out with a whole long list of questions. I can’t give advice unless I know what you want to do. It doesn’t matter what I’d do with $X. I have different goals. Tell me about your goals.

It would give me more pleasure than I can possibly express to help you get to a place where you are safer and more secure.

If I can manage to plan a way out of your situation… that’s one of those things that justifies taking up space in the world. You are having some serious troubles.

Managing money… that’s something I’ve learned about. I started with a rather small amount and it has snowballed like mad.

I seem to be… good at this. There is, like, actual literal proof.


This is on the list of things that Noah and I talked about. He’s really proud of me. He thought I would be good at this. I’m so very glad he was right.

I mean, we aren’t dead yet. There is time for me to fuck everything over still. But so far I’m doing pretty darn well by his investment in me.

Holy shit holy shit.

What an honor. You respect my opinion. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to find out I have earned such esteem.

I didn’t offer. I didn’t bring it up. I just talked about what I’ve done.

Not many people start out in the bottom 5% and end up in the top 5%.

For the record, no bootstraps were involved.

Went to the chiropractor. He uhm, said he is surprised I survived taking that many sedatives.

I laughed. Honey. You don’t even know.

I mean, I’m glad I survived too. I’m not sure I was at that much risk. I got up to those doses slowly over time. I can acclimate to a pretty fantastic amount of medications. This is why I try to use them as rarely as possible. My tolerance levels go through the roof.

Yes, it is dangerous.

Not sleeping is also dangerous.

I spend a lot of my life standing between a rock and a hard place. If you know how to make a more comfortable standing spot, let me know–ok?

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  1. Me

    I’m a little surprised that you are surprised that someone would ask you for financial advice. Besides my dad and his parents (who all worked in financial planning, my grandparents owning a business for just that for lots of years), you are the ONE person i would ask for advice in that department. You definitely know what you are doing, where I…..don’t.

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