That’s all it takes.

Thank you Jer’maine. I appreciate that your response to me ranting and being pissed off is to say, “Do you want me to go away.”

You acted like I was a person.

That isĀ literally all I want. I’m ok with people reading. I’m not ok with people reading so that they can go off and mock me. I have enough damn problems without that crap.

I really really really really really appreciate you talking to me, Jer’maine.

I don’t need to be everyone’s best friend. I am not interested in being held up as something to mock.

I’m not going to password protect my entries. I could, yes. But I meet a lot of interesting people this way. I connect with other trauma survivors. Long term, I’m going to find incest survivors partially this way. Nope, I’m not locking it down.

But sometimes I will waste my time yelling at assholes. Because I like to waste time, apparently.