Unmedicated means extra anger.

Whoever you raging cuntrags from hell are who are bopping from one proxy site to another…

I wish a lot of bad things on you. I hope you get gangrene. I hope you get to sit there and watch your body putrefy and have insects and pests in your body eating you alive.

Why? Because when someone says, “Stop doing what you are doing” you say, “Ok I’ll go through a different rude, unwanted door!”

Y’all aren’t much better than rapists. Not really. Consent is on a spectrum. You were asked to go away. Are you doing it? Nope. Because you believe that what you want is more important than what other people want.

What else do you think only your opinion matters on? Who else in your life do you ignore their boundaries? Your friends? Your kids? Your partner?

I would believe absolutely any bad thing I hear about you. Why? Because you have no respect and no boundaries and that means you are capable of anything.

Just like all the other monsters.

I am having a really shitty day. And you decide that it’s awesome to come be amused.

Fuck you with a fucking chain saw you disgusting piece of shit.

I write to share this with Noah. To share with my children in the future why I am so difficult to live with. To share with my friends so that interacting with me is easier.

I don’t god damn write so that you sociopathic disgusting bastards can watch a train wreck.

You disrespectful, nasty, pathetic people. You have nothing better to do? What, your mommy didn’t love you either? Nor your father? That’s why you have no boundaries?

I don’t have sympathy you whining asswipes. I wasn’t loved either. I don’t keep coming back around when someone tells me to go away.

That right there, that makes me better than you. Not anything else about my behavior or personality or parenting.

At least I can fucking take a hint and walk away when someone says to my face they want me to leave.

You aren’t even that respectful. Or is it that you are fucking stupid?

I’m really angry today. I could be ranting about how unfair it is that I have a crack in my ceiling. That’s the day I’m having.

Instead I’m watching my stats page spike with disrespectful cuntrags who deserve a lot of pain.

My brother died in a fire. It hurt him terribly badly. He died slowly and in agony.

I’d be ok with that happening to you.

5 thoughts on “Unmedicated means extra anger.

  1. blacksheep

    Are you unhappy about he traffic because you’re also getting ongoing negative feedback somewhere, or are you simply uncomfortable about the exposure to unknowns? Is there any possibility your book is getting more exposure that you realize?

    1. Krissy Gibbs Post author

      The only part I’m cranky about is hyperlinks next to “go laugh at her”. It is possible to write my blog name without linking and I don’t know where the hell folks are coming from. It is trying to rub my nose in it.

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