A woman I know told me she wishes she could be more like me. She needs lots of outside affirmation and I’m just confident in myself. I said, “You haven’t seen my blog or my Twitter feed, have you?” I almost told her I am an attention whore. Then I was all, “Hey! That is totally disrespectful to my friends who are sex workers!” so I settled for “attention junkie”. I think that’s accurate. I mean, I’ve only been vomiting the majority of what I think onto the internet for 15 years.

I think one key difference is… I expect to get my attention fix in teeny tiny doses from lots of people because I don’t think any one person can give me much. I think she has a smaller circle.

Yes, I consciously only ask people for a little bit of attention because I don’t want to wear them out. So I collect hundreds of people so that little bit from each person turns into a lot overall.

It’s been a lifestyle.