Kinda hilarious (from phone)

If you post that you are happy about not seeing a flood of people coming from one place you anger the trolls of the internet. They say “you are not supposed to have control over people being assholes to you without being inside a locked box. Here. I will send Reddit to you”.


if you are a person who spends your time being nasty to mentally ill people … I will pray for you. Obviously your life hasn’t had enough actual strife. You must spend your time kicking people who have already been kicked a lot to prove that you deserve to be a kicker instead of someone who gets kicked.


I get it. I don’t like being someone who gets kicked either. But I’d rather be like me than like you. ┬áIt strikes me that your adult life is probably actually a lot less happy than mine, even though I am the crazy one you want to feel better than.


Well, whatever makes your socks roll up and down I guess. I’m going to go see another Dr now. Since all y’all casual visitors first say “she needs help” rest assured that I am doing my best to access help.


Obviously your comments are based on your deep well of human compassion. Hahahahahahahahahaha


i will address the “she thinks she’s a strong black woman” idiocy later. I really don’t. But you are so cute. Or not. Does even your mama think you are cute for being a mean piece of shit?