Book review: Slack by Tom DeMarco

Well, Noah is pointed in his book recommendations. Yes, I need more room for failure and slack in my life. I know.

I feel like the risk management discussion in this book is especially prurient relevant¬†(I don’t know what I was freakin thinking)¬†towards discussions of managing finances. Everyone should build buffers into their financial planning. It’s fucking hard to get there. It takes risk. It takes sacrifice. It’s hard. I didn’t manage until I had steady settlement money so I’m not in a position to judge someone else not getting there. But that is what provides safety and security for adjustments in life, he’s right.

The problem with this ‘slack’ time is I always find work to fill it. I am not good at idle. I know it is useful, but it’s hard. I like working.

It was a relatively easy read. It focused mostly on corporate management strategies so it probably won’t be interesting to everyone, but there are good points that generalize. I’d give it a B+.